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Welcome to 1MickeyMouse.com, for all things Mickey Mouse. This website aims to celebrate the world's greatest cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was born on 18th November 1928, fathered by the great Walt Disney, who took his inspiration from his own pet mouse. Mickey Mouse has grown and developed over the years and is now loved around the world by young and old alike.

From humble beginnings, Mickey Mouse quickly became a star. The first Mickey Mouse movie with sound was Steamboat Willie in 1928. This was the third cartoon that Walt Disney produced of Mickey Mouse and the one which catapulted the character into the public imagination. This movie made all the rest possible with the launching of Mickey Mouse as the most famous mouse in history and the establishment of the Disney culture.

In 1929 a Mickey Mouse Club was opened, with Mickey Mouse cartoons shown in local theaters on Saturdays afternoon. The Club Members had their secret handshake, dress code, even a code of manners and other social rituals. Then during the 1930s, Walt Disney produced 87 short cartoon movies of Mickey Mouse. This was the golden decade of Mickey Mouse.

In 1932 Walt Disney was awarded by the Academy with the Oscar statue, for creating Mickey Mouse. This event would have been delayed if the Academy's judges could have foreseen one of the most beautiful movies ever produced in Fantasia, which was Mickey Mouse's first long movie. The extremely advanced animation techniques in Fantasia and the introduction of stereo were two elements that made Fantasia one of the milestones of the industrys history.

Mickey Mouses creation gave birth to other characters, such as Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck with his three nephews. All of them appended to Mickey Mouse at first and then some, like Donald Duck, gained their own stage and share in the culture.

Nowadays Mickey Mouse is enjoyed by every new generation, and it is has never been so easier to bring a bit of Mickey Mouse magic into our lives. There is Mickey Mouse memorabilia for every space in your life, from home to car to school. Whatever Mickey Mouse item you are looking for, you are bound to find it within these pages. Good luck with your hunt to add that special Mickey Mouse inspiration to your life!
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Mickey Mouse Cot
There is a lot to consider before picking the perfect cot for the nursery

Mickey Mouse Diaper Bag
Diaper bags can be livened up, and there is a lot to consider before picking the right one

Mickey Mouse Night Light
There are many different night lights to pick from, but which would be best for your kid’s room?

Mickey Mouse Baby Clothing
This baby clothing comes in all sizes and styles so there will be something there for your infant

Mickey Mouse Pram
There are lots of different considerations when looking into purchasing a pram

Mickey Mouse Potty Seat
A great way to encourage kids to use the potty is by having their friend waiting for them there

Mickey Mouse Sippy Cups
If you are teaching your kids how to drink all by themselves then these sippy cups are surely one of the better ways of going about it

Mickey Mouse Pushchair
Pushchairs can be taken almost anywhere, and your kid will surely love one that comes with their beloved Disney character

Mickey Mouse Baby Products
There is a very large selection of quality baby products that incorporate this fun Disney character

Mickey Mouse Cot Bed Bedding
This will not only brighten up the kids room, but also make sleep time more appealing

Mickey Mouse Biscuit Cutter
These biscuit cutters can make baking biscuits fun for the whole family

Mickey Mouse Cake Topper
Invite him to the party by putting him on top of the cake.

Mickey Mouse Cake Molds
When making a cake, get the right mold from the large choice available

Mickey Mouse Cake Pan
Choose to go for either only his face with his iconic ears, or go for the whole body

Mickey Mouse Cookie Jars
Make the treat of having a cookie just a little bit more special

Mickey Mouse Cake Designs
Whether you make your own, or order one ready made, a themed cake will certainly add fun to a special occasion

Wilton Mickey Mouse Cake Pan
When making the centerpiece cake for a party, it is important to use the right tools to help you

Mickey Mouse Bed Set
Everyone will surely love going to bed once they have their favorite character to join them

Mickey Mouse Blankets
Keep warm by wrapping up with your favorite Disney character

Mickey Mouse Toddler Bed
Every toddlers dream would be to get one of these beds for their bedroom

Mickey Mouse Duvet
Duvets are the perfect bed cover for kids beds for all seasons

Mickey Mouse Quilt Cover
These quilt covers can bring a true smile to your kids' faces and keep them there for a long time

Mickey Mouse Twin Bedding
Twin bedding sets are perfect for parents who have twins

Mickey Mouse Comforter Set
Your kid will sleep well with a comforter of their best Disney character

Mickey Mouse Sleeping Bag
Get your kids interested in going on the next camping trip by getting them a sleeping bag they are going to want to sleep in

Mickey Mouse Headboard
Make the bed more attractive to your child by incorporating their friends into the headboard

Mickey Mouse Fleece Blanket
Tips on what to look out for when you go looking for a fleece blanket

Mickey Mouse Bedspread
One of these bedspreads is a must for both children and adult fans

Mickey Mouse Keyring
Get a bit of magical Disney help to keep all your keys together

Mickey Mouse Car Accessories
There are so many accessories you can add to your car, that there is surely the perfect one out there for you

Mickey Mouse Antenna Topper
Add a little bit of fun to your antenna with these antenna toppers

Mickey Mouse Halloween Costumes
Kids love dressing up and pretending to be their favorite cartoon character

Mickey Mouse Crocs
Not only should you get great looking shoes, but they should be practical and comfortable too

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Costumes
Every one has fun when dressed up, and who better to dress up as than your favorite cartoon characters

Mickey Mouse Hoodies
For fun and fashion all rolled into one, check out these hoodies for men and women, young and old

Mickey Mouse Mascot
This would definitely be an excellent treat at your kid’s birthday party, especially for the younger ones

Mickey Mouse Mascot Costume
These costumes come in all sizes, so any family member or friend can play the part

Mickey Mouse Mascot Head
If you can't find one to buy or rent, then you can make one and bring fun to all your kids events

Infant Mickey Mouse Costume
Your infant will definitely look cute and adorable in one of these costumes

Mickey Mouse Vest
These garments are for every occasion and for everyone that wants to show off their fun side

Mickey Mouse Face Mask
Dress up with a mask which you can buy ready made, or make one yourself

Mickey Mouse Costume Gloves
They are not only the large white ones available - choose one that suits your needs the best

Mickey Mouse Toodle Ears
This is a magical toy that kids love, and parents will love too as it also helps to teach your kids about time

Mickey Mouse Bow Ties
Show off your fun side by wearing a colorful bow tie

Mickey Mouse Scrapbooking
There are several steps you can take when scrapbooking to make sure this precious memento turns out well

Mickey Mouse Cross Stitch Patterns
Cross stitch patterns that are bright and colorful will be adored by all

Mickey Mouse Iron On Transfers
If you can't find the perfect iron on transfer you are looking for, then you can make your own

Mickey Mouse Sticker Book
These sticker books can come in many themes and no matter the occasion there is one of these books that can be themed to match

Mickey Mouse Cotton Fabric
If you are looking for bright and fun fabric, then everyone's favorite Disney character can certainly help

Mickey Mouse Rug
These rugs of bright bold colors are not only for your kids bedrooms, as you can bring the fun out into the rest of the home

Mickey Mouse Bedroom Decorations
Liven up any bedroom with some of these colorful bedroom decorations

Mickey Mouse Wallpaper Border
There are lots of different things to consider when picking out a wallpaper border

Mickey Mouse Wall Decorations
Lots of tips for picking out wall decorations of your favorite Disney character

Mickey Mouse Room Decor
Using this décor is sure to brighten up and add some fun to any room in your home

Mickey Mouse Wall Murals
There can surely be no better wall murals for your kid’s rooms

Mickey Mouse Floor Mats
Add some fun to your flooring with your favorite Disney character

Mickey Mouse Home Decor
There is a lot to pick from when decorating your home in a fun and colorful way

Mickey Mouse Sofa
There are plenty of these sofas available today in different styles and designs

Mickey Mouse Beanbag
These beanbags come in all shapes and colors that are bound to add a little bit of fun to your home

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Chair
For bright and colorful chairs, with some added fun and magic of your favorite Disney character

Mickey Mouse Desk Set
Have your favorite character as your study partner by having him on your desk with you

Mickey Mouse Light Shade
An easy way to change the lighting, mood and color of a room is with a light shade

Mickey Mouse Garden Gnome
Add more fun and color to your garden with a magical garden gnome

Mickey Mouse Topiary Frame
Add fun to your garden with some topiary and smile every time you see it

Mickey Mouse Earrings
So many questions - should they be gold or silver? Just the head or the whole body? Should you keep them or gift them? …

Mickey Mouse Brooch
Brooches are a classic item of jewelry and come in all sorts of fun forms

Mickey Mouse Toaster
One of these is not only great in your own kitchen, but they also make great house warming gifts

Mickey Mouse Lunch Box
See your child enjoying their meals with one of these colorful and attractive lunch boxes

Mickey Mouse Dinnerware
Kids will come running quickly to the dinner table when their favorite friend is there already

Mickey Mouse Teapot
These teapots were first introduced for homes with kids, but nowadays they are popular for all age groups

Mickey Mouse Napkins
Your kids will never forget to use a napkin when it has their favorite Disney character on it

Mickey Mouse Table Cover
When organizing a themed party, a table cover that matches the theme has become a necessity

Mickey Mouse Cutlery
Encourage kids to use their cutlery while adding some fun to the dinner table

Mickey Mouse Oven Mitt
There are lots of different styles and patterns, with multiple designs to choose from as per your preferences

Mickey Mouse Kitchenware
When you bring this favorite character into the kitchen your kids will love it too

Mickey Mouse Luggage
These will make your kids feel more responsible for their luggage, and are available for adults too!

Mickey Mouse Suitcase
When it comes to luggage, you will find a lot of suitcases that will fit your personality and style

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bag
Kids and adults will love to pick one of these bags out from the different designs available

Mickey Mouse Lunch Bags
Lunch bags can be used to encourage good eating habits and manners

Mickey Mouse School Bags
Kids will love taking their things to school when they carry them in this school bag

Mickey Mouse Luggage Tags
A quick and easy way to identify your luggage with these luggage tags

Mickey Mouse Collectible
There are many collectibles to choose from, and some items you have now may become collectibles in the future

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Figurines
Get all his friends from the Clubhouse including Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and Goofy

Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornament
Bring fun into your home this Christmas with one of these Christmas ornaments

Mickey Mouse Music Box
Take the time to relax by winding up a music box and listening to the music

Mickey Mouse Collectors Items
Almost everyone has been a big fan at some point in their lives, and may now be looking for a collectors item

Mickey Mouse Wallets
The expression on your child’s face when you give them their own wallet will truly be priceless

Mickey Mouse Mouse Pads
A mouse on a mouse pad? What a great idea to brighten up any desk

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Accessories
These bathroom accessories will add some magical sparkle to your bathroom

Mickey Mouse ecards
A good way to bring a smile to anyone's face when you convey your best wishes

Mickey Mouse Toothbrush
Encouraging kids to brush their teeth is never that easy, but by using this toothbrush kids will rush off to brush their teeth

Mickey Mouse Photo Album
Capture all those precious moments in one place, and arrange them to show off your wonderful times

Mickey Mouse Picture Frame
A great way of showing off all your photographs, and they make wonderful gifts too

Mickey Mouse Beach Towel
Show off your sense of fun when you are on the beach with one of these beach towels

Mickey Mouse Favors
Favors that will be cherished for a long time after the event, that can even be personalized

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas
Having a themed birthday party can be a lot of fun for everyone

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Ideas
The Clubhouse themed party adds all of the Clubhouse friends to the invite list

Mickey Mouse Party Themes
Pick the best party theme to create a memorable party for your kids

Mickey Mouse Gift Wrap
For gifting something special, you should consider using special gift wrap

Mickey Mouse Birthday Banners
There can be no better way of announcing a birthday than with a bright colorful birthday banner

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitations
Ask your friends to your birthday party by using these magical party invitations

Mickey Mouse Party Hats
No kids party is complete without party hats, and when you opt for these party hats, there are many different varieties to choose from

Mickey Mouse Confetti
Parties and weddings are happy events, just right for this confetti

Mickey Mouse Loot Bags
For a successful party, make sure you have chosen the right loot bag for the kids to take home their return gifts

Mickey Mouse Cuddly Toy
They come in many different forms for kids, or that can be customized for Valentine's Day

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy
There's a lot to think about when picking out the perfect toys for a kids bedroom

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Figures
Collect all the figures of to recreate the Clubhouse and play with them at home

Mickey Mouse Plush Toy
These soft and cuddly toys are a great comfort when hugged and are loved by many

Mickey Mouse Trike
What type of trike will be the most suitable for your little one to start riding on?

Mickey Mouse Soft Toys
Soft toys have a universal appeal to everyone throughout the world, and of all the soft toys that are available in these must surely be one of the best

Mickey Mouse DS Game
DS Games are fun for all, and can help kids with their learning

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Train
Have fun with this great toy that has appeared in several episodes

Mickey Mouse Bath Toys
Make bath time more fun by using these colorful bath toys

Mickey Mouse Play Tent
Kids will enjoy camping indoors with this play tent

Mickey Mouse Talking Phone
Kids love this telephone as they can hear their friend by just picking up the receiver and dialing

Mickey Mouse Jumping Castle
These can add a lot of fun to any kids party, making the guests enjoy the party even more

Mickey Mouse Playhouse Toys
These toys make gifts that are bound to be loved by all children

Mickey Mouse Bike Helmet
Encourage your kids to stay safe by using a bike helmet

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Keyboard
Use this to encourage your kids musical talents in a fun and colorful way

Mickey Mouse Alarm Clocks
Being woken up by your favorite character can be the best way to start the day

Ladies Mickey Mouse Watches
There are many different styles of ladies watches to pick from, and these should be one of your favorites

Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Watch
This is the classic watch which has gone through many variations

Mickey Mouse Mens Watches
There are lots of characteristics you can expect from these men's watches

Mickey Mouse Wall Clocks
Make your kids happy by having their favorite character as part of a clock hanging on the wall of their room

Antique Mickey Mouse Watches
These watches are magical and can be found in many different places

Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch
These watches tend to have bright and cheerful dials, which are adored by both kids and adults

Timex Mickey Mouse Watch
This watch is an exquisite piece of art which will keep good time

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