Mickey Mouse Bike Helmet

Kids are naturally playful and cant seem to stand still in one place for one minute. Giving them a bike is something that can keep them from running around and divert their attention to this newly found toy. If you are in the process of training your kids on how to learn to ride a bike, safety should be first. You should buy all protective wear that can keep them safe just in case they fall.

Being safe need not be boring. You can actually add fun to this protective wear. Why not buy a Mickey Mouse Bike Helmet that your kids can wear every time they ride their bikes. They would surely have no second thoughts wearing them because they are such fun, and their favorite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse will come along for a ride.

Mickey Mouse bike helmets normally come in toddler sizes that can fit kids ages two and above. These are micro shell helmets that can protect your kids head against bumps or head injuries in case of fall. The helmet also comes with vents so your kids head will be kept cool and prevents sweat. It even has a visor to shield eyes from the sun. To make sure that the bike helmet fits well, it is snug fit with adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

In the design department, your kids will definitely not be shy in parading and putting on the Mickey Mouse bike helmet. A popular choice is to purchase a set, made up of the bike helmet along with matching 2-piece protective pads that your kids can wear on either the elbows or the knees. The protective pads also come with matching design theme of the Mickey Mouse bike helmet.

In addition, the Mickey Mouse bike helmet comes with a lifetime collision replacement warranty and 90-day replacement warranty against defect. What more, you are sure that this bike helmets are up to your standards because they pass the CPSC standards assuring that your kids are in good hands!
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