Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Watch

The Craze Of Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Watch

We are all familiar with the famous Walt Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Since the time he started winning the hearts of the people, manufacturing companies have sought to boost their income by giving the people what they loved. The clock companies in collaboration with Disney came up with some excellent Mickey Mouse watches for everyone. One of the most loved series was the Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch series.

Modifications and changes to the Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch were made from the year 1933 to 1942. Initially it had a bracelet that held the round dial that measured about 30mm in diameter. This was later replaced by a leather strap. There was a guarantee card provided within the case box that even had instructions as to how to care about your watch so that it would last for years. Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watches are kept by people as antique pieces, and you will find some people who still wear them on their wrist too.

People had loved this series of Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch when it was launched. Its succeeding models showed quite a lot of noticeable changes. One of the most noticeable ones is that the latter Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch has the digits 5 and 7 placed on the knees of Mickey Mouse, while the succeeding models preferred to reduce the size of the digits 5 and 7 and place it right below the knees. The display box also changed with the introduction of the accompanied characters of Mickey Mouse being added to the display; characters like Minnie, Donald Duck, etc.

The Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch went through a lot of upgrades and changes to provide the Mickey Mouse fans with something new and better all the time. But as the years passed by peoples demand started changing and they looked forward to a new design and series of Mickey Mouse watches. The Ingersoll watches were given some new avatars that the Mickey Mouse fans appreciated. The new designs added to the series were well liked by everybody and people flocked to the stores to get themselves the new models. The prices of these models were kept within a very affordable range so that almost every Mickey Mouse fan had an Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch on their wrist.

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