Ladies Mickey Mouse Watches

What Is So Attractive About The Ladies Mickey Mouse Watches?

Since the creation of the famous Walt Disney character “Mickey Mouse” in the year 1928, this cartoon character has won the hearts of many all over the world. From children to teenagers to even adults, they all love Mickey Mouse. The fan following of this cartoon character is humungous with people going crazy all the time to get hold of merchandises containing anything related to Mickey Mouse. The Walt Disney Production in collaboration with a clock manufacturing giant launched the first watch model in the year 1933. Since then they have taken huge leaps in the manufacturing world of Mickey Mouse watches. Then the ladies Mickey Mouse watches came up for grab for girls of any age.

The unique thing about the ladies Mickey Mouse watches is that most of them include Minnie Mouse along with Mickey in them. Women love the feeling of romance and love which the designs of these watches depict with the presence of the loving couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The watches face will usually give a picture of some romantic moments between Mickey and Minnie, something like they re-holding each other in their arms while standing under the moon and stars. The ladies Mickey Mouse watches will have a feminine look and feel altogether.

What is so attractive about these ladies Mickey Mouse watches which the young girls and even the women cannot resist buying one? The color combination is very colorful and will easily grasp the attention of a female. The leather bands used are thinner breath wise in comparison to the men watches. You should not worry about the quality of these watches as they are manufactured in the best possible way. Go for the ones which give you at least a years warranty and have a license provided to them by Disney.

The best think you will find with these ladies Mickey Mouse watches is that they have innumerous models for females of any age. There are models which a small girl can wear and there are watch models for the teenage as well as ladies too. You can easily get hold of these watches at market stores and malls or can purchase them online too. These watches are quite affordable. Most of these watches are water resistant in nature with back case usually made of stainless steel; may vary from model to model. Ladies love to flaunt these Mickey Mouse watches, and it makes them feel younger too at times.

Top 10 Mickey ladies watches:

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