Lorus Mickey Mouse

The famous Lorus Mickey Mouse watch

Mickey Mouse is the most famous character created by Walt Disney. The tiny creation has a magical effect on all of us and there is hardly anybody who has not been mesmerized by his charm. Mickeys fan following found its manifestation through several mediums like movies, books, toys, figurines and many other attractive accessories. Among these the most famous is the Lorus Mickey Mouse watch. They are a wonderful item which you can gift your children. The presence of their beloved Mickey Mouse on their wrist can bring immense happiness to them.

The very first Mickey Mouse watch was manufactured by Waterbury watch manufacturer called Ingersoll Waterbury Clock Company in 1933. A joint collaboration was made between the rising Walt Disney Productions and the failing clock manufacturer which resulted in the launch of the first Mickey watch (“Mickey Mouse Watch”) for the boys. Ingersoll was saved from its bankruptcy almost single handedly by the production of this watch. Today the Lorus Mickey Mouse watch has taken the popularity of these watches based on Disney to a different level. The renowned Bradley Company started its Mickey affair in 1972.

The Lorus Mickey mouse watches finally arrived in the market in 1987.However, the watch experts suggest that the these watches would be one of the best pick ups as they come in a variety of collections and price ranges. The variation in the style and colors makes them more attractive and special. It would be a treasure for any child and he or she would love to wear it forever. You can get these watches for children of different ages. Even a range of such watches for teenagers are available too. Hence, your teen brother or sister can be very delighted to receive a Lorus Mickey Mouse watch as a present.

The Lorus Mickey Mouse watch consists of a dial with Mickey designed in gold and diamond. The other parts like the crown, clasp and case are also designed in golden tone. The most important feature of the watch is that it is resistant to a certain level of water. This is very useful in increasing the life of the watch as children can end up in so much mess at times. The talking Lorus Mickey Mouse watch is also another fantastic item from the Disney collection Therefore, these watches can always be an excellent gift and anybody would be delighted to be a proud owner of them.

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