Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Costumes

Since your childhood you must have been a lover of Disney and their fantastic characters. Now its your kids turn to love Disney’s cartoons. Any kid would love to dress up like their favorite Disney character. Mickey Mouse is the most popular character loved by all. There are other famous Disney stars like Minnie, Pooh, Piglet etc. on whom costumes have been designed, but for my money Mickey Mouse must be the greatest, with Minnie Mouse coming in a close second. For children who love to dress up, then Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes will be a sure hit.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes are available in any store licensed by Disney. All you need to do is choose the right costume to give the kids a proper Disney look. These costumes come in various sizes to fit children belonging to any age group. The Mickey and Minnie costumes are even available for your baby. Black leggings, red shorts and full- sleeved black T-shirt forms the perfect Mickey Mouse costume. The costume of Mickey Mouse is available for both party and formal occasions. Your little child will really look outstanding in these costumes.

You will get all the information about the Disney costumes by surfing different websites over the internet. But, before buying any item you must check whether the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes are authentic. The Minnie Mouse dresses are also another good option that will make your sweet little girl look like a princess. The dress consists of a black blouse that matches with the short skirt. The polka dots in white and red cover the entire skirt. The headband, black shoes and tights lend a very cute look to your little daughter. You can even go for high heel sandals, provided your daughter is comfortable with it.

The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes lend a very pretty touch to your childs entire appearance. They will surely love to flaunt the costumes in front of everyone, especially in parties. These costumes can be absolutely wonderful for the Halloween night party too. The funky dress will add a unique touch to the Halloween night. The beautiful costumes will definitely ensure that your children will grab eyeballs everywhere they go.

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