Mickey Mouse Baby Products

Ideas for Mickey Mouse Baby Products: Bottles, Toys, Highchairs, & More!

Ever since he made his debut in the first sound cartoon, “Steamboat Willie”, Mickey Mouse has become an icon. He represents the magic of Disney, and is loved by people of all ages. Its not surprising that such a beloved figure would appear on so many baby products. Everyone wants to introduce their baby to Mickey!

Mickey Mouse baby products range from sippy cups to nursery decorations. Whether youre buying for your own baby or want to get a gift for another baby, you have countless choices. There are toys, clothes, movies, games, nursery accessories, and costumes for infants and tots.

Of course, you cant forget about the ESSENTIAL Mickey Mouse baby products: bottles, diapers, cribs, bedding, and so forth. Brand names such as Huggies make Mickey and Minnie diapers. For mothers, there are Mickey Mouse diaper bags, available in tote and messenger styles.

Bottles and Sippy Cups

Mickey bottles and sippy cups are must-have products for babies. For infants, you will find 9 ounce bottles of “Disney baby” Mickey and Pluto, which are usually sold in packs of ten. For the big babies and tots, there are Disney “Take and Toss” sippy cups with snap-on lids. These are ideal for babies nine months and above.


There are Mickey Mouse baby products for the kitchen. Let your baby sit in a comfy dinette highchair. There are some neat chairs available with easy entry trays and up to four adjustable height positions. These have neutral designs which are ideal for boys and girls both. However, if you really want something for a girl, you can find pink Minnie highchairs.


Every baby has to have his/her baby blankie! Whether youre looking for a throw blanket, crib quilt, or comforter, you will find that there are plenty with Mickey designs. Some quilts feature stripped or crisscrossed Mickey ear patterns. Some comforters and blankets have a large image of smiling Mickey.

Mickey Mouse Toys

When it comes to Mickey Mouse baby products, you cant forget about toys! Every baby needs a stuffed Mickey doll. Some dolls are simple and plain. Others actually dance and sing. Save the dancing Mickey dolls for when your baby is at least two years old.

There are Mickey playsets for tots. These pop-up playsets have moving features such as merry-go-rounds, Disney cars, dancing Mickey and Minnie, etc. They are even portable! Instead of getting a dollhouse for a little girl, why not go with a Mickey playhouse? Boys love them too.


Finally, we come to the strollers. Mickey strollers are made in a variety of colors and styles, with the most popular bearing the classic Mickey Mouse silhouette. These days, strollers are being made with ergonomic handgrips for easy maneuverability. The seats are padded and spacious.

Now you have a few ideas of which Mickey Mouse baby products to buy!

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