Mickey Mouse Backpack

Traveling Made Easy And Enjoyable With A Mickey Mouse Backpack

Planning for an adventure? Cannot convince your kids to join in some outdoor activities? Try a different way and get hold of a Mickey Mouse backpack and lure your child into the lap of nature.

All this time, we have seen Mickey Mouse with his friends Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Donald Duck on comic strips, books, and magazines. We have also used Mickey Mouse stationary pencils, erasers, paper cutters, and pencil boxes with Mickey Mouses face on it. Mickey Mouse, the evergreen super hero to every child, is now featuring on backpacks too!

Mickey Mouse backpacks come in a variety of shapes, colors and designs. The bags are very durable and have very good padding on the shoulder straps. This is to avoid any issues that may arise due to carrying heavy luggage. Also, the backpacks are made of nylon so as to reduce the weight and add to the life of the product. A Mickey Mouse backpack can withstand most weather conditions and is waterproof. Many have several compartments for different materials- clothes, sports goods, provisions for camping, safety boxes, video camera etc.

What adds to the appeal of a Mickey Mouse backpack is the look of the product. They are very colorful and are attractive not only to kids, but they also have a visual appeal to adults as well. Some Mickey Mouse backpacks are designed so that the entire backpack is like Mickey Mouses face. Others look like an entire Mickey Mouse. Sometimes there are three dimensional stickers pasted on the backpacks.

Mickey Mouse backpacks are available at select stores that are licensed to sell Walt Disney products. There are online shopping sites that offer these backpacks too. Your Mickey Mouse backpack should come with a one year warranty and a separate warranty for the zippers. Also, the backpacks should be replaced in ten days in case you detect any manufacturing defects.

Be it an adventure trip, camping, hiking, or just a trip to the mall, these backpacks come in handy. You can stuff in all that you need and make sure that none of the items are damaged while traveling. And when they come with Disneys guarantee, you need not think twice before buying one. So grab yourself a Mickey Mouse backpack and convince the kids to join you, and Mickey Mouse, on an exciting adventure.

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