Mickey Mouse Bathroom Accessories

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Make Your Kids Love Showering with Mickey Mouse Bathroom Accessories!

The right collection of Mickey Mouse bathroom accessories can transform your bathroom into the favorite room for your kids and turn bathing into a fun adventure, compared to the mundane chore most kids see it as. And the amount of choices youve got in this department are certainly quite varied so if you want to truly make that bathroom an attractive place for your kids, have a look around the market carefully.

Apart from the standard shower curtains, rubber toys and other traditional Mickey Mouse bathroom accessories, nowadays you can find some very interesting and innovative ideas as well. Its not hard to find soaps shaped after Mickey Mouse, and even showerheads that resemble your favorite cartoon character. With the latter though, make absolutely sure youre buying one from proper stainless steel plastic is a no-go as a material for something which will have water running through it all the time if you want that water to remain hygienic.

Next up, consider that other chore your kids go through the bathroom for brushing their teeth. Mickey can save the day yet again if this is a problematic aspect of your kids behavior, as there are plenty of related accessories with his character on the market. Not just toothbrushes there are actually Mickey Mouse toothpastes (one of them used to be manufactured by a Disney division though were not sure if its still around) and toothbrush holders styled as if Mickey is holding your toothbrushes with his hands. Just place one of these in the bathroom and watch with amazement (and amusement, likely) as your kids race to get their teeth brushed.

Dont forget the floor as well. Again, there are plenty of Mickey Mouse bathroom accessories available on the market that can spice up your bathroom in this regard from a simple bathroom floor mat with Mickeys character on it, to even ceramic tiles! Of course, the latter is a bit beyond the standard scope of “bathroom accessories” and falls more into the category of general bathroom items, but its still something that can completely transform your bathroom and give it that extra touch.

You dont have to style the entire bathroom, item for item, after Mickey though. Though there are plenty of other things you can buy with Mickeys character on them towels, mirrors, even faucet handles there should be a sense of balance to it all, lest your children start getting a bit horrified of the dozens of different Mickeys staring at them from all around!


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