Mickey Mouse Bedroom Decorations

Mickey Mouse Bedroom Decorations for Walls, Bedding, Windows, & More

If theres one iconic figure that is universally loved, its Mickey Mouse. This Disney icon has been loved by children and adults of all ages for almost a century. Because he is so loved, its not surprising that there are so many Mickey Mouse bedroom decorations out there. Whether you want to decorate a childs room or an adults room, you can find plenty of decorations featuring everyones favorite mouse.

In addition to the most obvious decorations, such as the bedding and wallpaper borders, there are also the little things that complete a Mickey themed bedroom: night lights, light switches, wall decals, alarm clocks, pillow shams, etc. These small elements bring a magical feel to a room just as much as the bigger decorations do.

** Wall Decorations **

When it comes to Mickey Mouse bedroom decorations, you definitely dont want to neglect the walls. Decide whether you want to go with decals, wallpaper, or both. If you want to go with both, make sure that you choose simple designs, as you wont want the walls to look cluttered.

For a vintage look go with classic Mickey, drawn in a simple style. In the early days of Disney, there was black and white Mickey, which evolved into pale red, yellow, and black Mickey. As the years passed, he became brighter and more colorful. There are wall decals and wallpaper borders depicting Mickey through the various Eras. You can also choose wall decorations of all of Mickeys pals.

If you want to use decals, use one large one as a focal point, and then add a few small ones to accent the large one.

** Mickey Mouse Bedding **

From pillows to comforter sets, you can find everything you need for a Mickey Mouse bed. There are even headboards shaped as Mickey ears! Whether youre decorating a crib, bunk beds, twin beds, or even a King size bed, you can find Mickey Mouse bedding to accommodate all sizes.

How about black, red, and yellow sheets topped with a comforting with Mickey patterns? Dont forget some Mickey shaped pillows, with black, red, and yellow shams! For a girls bed, you can add some Minnie elements.

** Linen **

Accent the windows with Mickey Mouse bedroom decorations. If you decide to use bedding with detailed patterns, go easy on the curtains. Keep them simple. On the flip side, if you use simple bedding, then you can choose curtains with detailed patterns, such as a Mickey Mouse comic strip. They can also feature Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.

** Accessories **

Once again, you cant neglect the little Mickey Mouse bedroom decorations! Place Mickey dolls on the shelves. Choose a lamp that has a lampshade depicting Mickey. There are also lamps featuring Mickey shaped bases.

A few other Mickey Mouse bedroom decorations you might want to consider include:

Gumball machine

Mickey piggy bank

Light switches

Window decals

Mickey and friends figurines

Candle holders

Alarm clocks

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