Mickey Mouse Bedspread

Getting the Perfect Mickey Mouse Bedspread

Decorating the kids bedroom with some Mickey Mouse merchandise? There are few good things that can make that room a more attractive place for the youngsters, so youve definitely made the right choice! There are numerous options youve got with regards to Mickey Mouse merchandise from toys and posters, to bed wear. A Mickey Mouse bedspread can go very nicely on the bed during the day and if you get a nightly one as well, you will soon forget all about any trouble youve been having getting the kids into bed.

The primary choice to make when getting any bedspread in general is to decide whether itll be used during the day or in the night. This is an important decision as both types have their own purpose and differences in their designs. Daytime bedspreads are meant to serve more of a decorative purpose and cover up the bed while its not being used. They tend to be a bit rougher (but on the other hand more durable) and not so suitable for actual sleeping. On the other hand, a nightly bedspread is used exactly for covering the bed while youre sleeping, so it has to be softer and more comfortable.

Your Mickey Mouse bedspread will probably incorporate the characters design differently depending on the type its common for bedspreads with cartoon characters to have the character embroidered for a daytime bedspread, as the added detail wont be felt as much and wont cause sleeping discomfort. Conversely, night-time bedspreads are often made with the graphical design sewn into the fabric on the same level, in order to make the surface smooth and even, perfect for a good nights sleep.

Of course, were describing mostly general ideas here these are the things you should be looking for in any kind of bed wear youre getting, not just a Mickey Mouse bedspread in particular. Were only pointing this out because some people have the wrong idea that Disney are in direct control of the manufacturing and distribution of merchandise related to their characters, when in reality the brands have been licensed out to numerous companies, and some of them have rather low quality standards.

Dont stop at the bedspread though if youre going to use Mickey to decorate the bedroom of your kids, why not give him some company with other favorite Disney characters? You can have Donald Duck greeting the kids at the door, a Goofy paper press, and whatever else you can think of styled after the most iconic animated characters of several generations.

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