Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitations

Delight Your Little One With Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitations

Do you have your little princes birthday coming up and are you planning a theme? It could be his 5th birthday and you want to surprise him and his guests with very special and memorable birthday invitations. Well, thats a good idea and there are lots of themes to choose from when it comes to kids party invites. What about Mickey Mouse birthday party invitations? They look super cute and fun. Mickey Mouse has always been a huge hit and a household name since his creation. Mickey Mouse is every kids favorite and there is hardly any child who does not enjoy his funny antics. Thus, the kids would be delighted to have their favorite mouse at their birthday party.

There are plenty of Mickey Mouse birthday party invitation cards to choose from. Search the net and you will get numerous websites offering various designs on these birthday invitations. The most popular design comes with Mickeys head. Here you have the card shaped like the icon outline of Mickey Mouse’s head with its adorable face in front. The invitation details with the venue and contact number are given at the back. Some of the cards have Mickey Mouse painting or playing guitar at one side of the card. Then, another favorite design is the invitation cards with Mickey Mouse together with Minnie, or Mickey and the whole group of Disney characters inviting the whole gang. All the cards look very colorful and funky. Sometimes an envelope is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head with the invitation card inside it. These are just some of the examples.

But the most favorite trend today is towards the customized Mickey Mouse birthday party invitations. There are many websites that help you with the customized printed cards. The customized ones are usually preferred, as they look very special as they are designed with a unique personal touch. You can have your childs photo placed on the card with Mickeys image at the side. Choose a site that comes with various unique ideas and check to see if they provide the envelopes too. If you are feeling creative you can make your own Mickey Mouse birthday party invitations, and add that special touch all of your own making.

Remember that Mickey Mouse birthday party invitations are not exclusively for the kids. Adults also get to plenty of choices that may come in a more sophisticated design. Whatever your age, your never too old for Mickey Mouse birthday party invitations and a bit of added fun.

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