Mickey Mouse Cake Molds

Parties will never be the same without cakes. And if you love Mickey Mouse, you can actually create and bake your own Mickey Mouse-inspired cake by using Mickey Mouse cake molds. They come in all shapes and sizes and can give your party a little extra fun.

Mickey Mouse cake molds are often in the shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse head with the round shape and two Mickey ears. This is by far the most basic type of cake mold for this theme. But you can also find Mickey Mouse cake molds that come with the moldings of Mickeys face shape so you can have a 3D effect of Mickey, complete with his eyes, nose and all the works.

There are many types of Mickey Mouse cake molds but among the most popular is the Mickey Mouse Face cake pan. You can find a number of variations of this cake mold in the market. Some cake molds varies in shapes and sizes and sometimes you can see cake molds with Mickey Mouses face facing front or sideways.

You can also find Mickey Mouse mini face cake molds that can make smaller sized cakes that are best for small family get together and smaller parties. You can always bake a cake even with no occasion with these unique cake molds just for fun. For bigger events, you can always opt to get the Mickey Mouse large face cake molds.

Aside from the basic Mickey Mouse face cake mold, you can also find a number of cake molds in different style and design. For instance, you can find Mickey Mouse “waving” cake mold that shows Mickey Mouses entire body and his hand doing a friendly wave. This is a nice cake for kids parties! You can also chance on Mickey Mouse cake molds where Mickey is doing various things like holding a pencil or have his hands behind him. These are all fun cake molds that can make your cake center of attention. Another popular cake mold is the Mickey Mouse as a band leader which is just as enjoyable as the rest of the cake molds.

If you want a more personalized touch to your parties, create your easy to bake cakes with these Mickey Mouse cake molds. You can even have your kids join in the fun and have them help you in preparing the cake. They are sure to have as much fun as baking Mickey Mouse cake as they would love eating them!

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