Mickey Mouse Cake Pan

Bake A Cake, Win A Heart

Is your little one having a birthday? Are you going to celebrate Valentines Day with your loved one? Do you wish to mark the occasion of your parents wedding anniversary? Do you wish to surprise your granny on her birthday? Think no more! The best idea to surprise them would be to bake a cake for them home made and with lots of love and care. While shopping for your cake mould for such special occasions, you can choose a Mickey Mouse cake pan and you can be sure that all members of your family will appreciate your efforts.

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disneys most popular cartoon character. We all have grown up watching Mickey Mouse and his friends Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck on the television. Over the years, Mickey Mouse has become every childs best friend and he also continues in fond memories of adults too. A Mickey Mouse cake will bring a smile to all.

Mickey Mouse cake pans come in different shapes and sizes. If you are planning to have kids over for a party, you can pick up the smaller moulds. These will be like cup cakes each looking like Mickey Mouses face. You can also opt for bigger cake pans if you are planning to have a bigger party and wish to have a memorable cake cutting ceremony. These Mickey Mouse cake pans are non-stick making it easier to turn out your cake once cooked.

The Mickey Mouse cake pans are often shaped like Mickeys face with big ears and a bulging nose. You will also get the larger pans where you can bake a cake having the structure of an entire Mickey Mouse. All that you need is your imagination while decorating the cake. Add as much color as you want! Decorate the cake with your young ones and turn it into a creative fun activity for all the family.

So why wait any longer? Your best gift idea is here. Use a Mickey Mouse cake pan to bake a cake and win over your loved ones all over again!


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