Mickey Mouse Cake Topper

One of the most notable and most popular cartoon characters of all time is Mickey Mouse. Everyone just falls in love with this lovable mouse whatever age bracket they fall in! There are many ways you can show the love for Mickey. If you are to hold a party, whether it is for kids or adults, it is fun to have a Mickey Mouse inspired cake. And how can you create something special without spending a fortune on a cake? Decorate your cake with Mickey Mouse cake topper!

You can always top off a mouthwatering, luxury cake with a Mickey Mouse cake topper and your cake will instantly be a hit and center of the party. But even if you have the most inexpensive cake, you can still make it shine and attractive by placing a Mickey Mouse cake topper on it. It will surely be the talk of the party!

There are many options for you when it comes to Mickey Mouse cake toppers. You can find Mickey in various poses. The classic pose is Mickey Mouse with open arms all clad in his usual red shorts and yellow shoes. You can also find cake toppers that are coupled with other Disney characters like Mickeys girlfriend, Minnie Mouse. You can also find Mickey with Pluto, Goofy and the rest of the Disney gang.

Mickey Mouse cake toppers are usually of two types as you can get them in plastic or porcelain. If you want something affordable, you can go with plastic cake toppers which are just as good looking as porcelain but are less heavy, and sometimes, less stable on the cake. But either of these cake topper types can equally beautify and make your cake extra special.

Mickey Mouse cake toppers vary in sizes. If you have a pretty large cake, you can use Mickey toppers along with other Disney toppers so you can have a very fun cake. You dont want Mickey to look lonely in your big cake. But if you have a medium cake, then you can pick a Mickey Mouse cake topper that is about 3 inches big and you can have a very fun cake in front of you. There are many centerpieces options for you and it can really be exciting to shop for the perfect cake topper. If you opt to use cupcakes for your party, you can also find some small Mickey Mouse cake toppers that will perfectly fit and adorn your cupcakes!


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