Mickey Mouse Charms

Charm Your Little Girl With Mickey Mouse Charms On A Disney Bracelet

Disney bracelets have been around since the 1930s, but even today’s little ladies will delight in receiving a bracelet laden with marvellous Mickey Mouse charms. Not only does such a gift act as jewellery on its own, but there are a wide variety of bangles and add-ons to be collected. It’s easily possible to fill up a few bracelets just with all of the Mickey Mouse charms out there!

Of course, the charms don’t have to be exclusive to Disney bracelets. There are charms for every Disney character, from the classic Disney Princesses like Jasmine and Belle to modern heroes like Rapunzel and of course the classics like the old Steamboat Willie style Mickey Mouse charms. Every little girl will be able to find a few that appeal to them. The best part from the parent’s perspective is that once you’ve gotten your little girl collecting them, they become a perfect no-effort gift for any minor occasion.

There are also a lot of different kinds of ‘charms’ out there. You can get Aladdin or Mickey Mouse charms in the Zoppini style of Italian bracelet, or the classic American chain-and-bangle bracelet, or even on modular hook or clip-on earrings. The best part about this type of jewlery is that as your daughter grows and her tastes develop, she can pick and choose not only new charms to reflect her new interests, but even swap them out on a day-to-day basis to fit her mood. Maybe on Monday she’ll be ready to sport some classic Mickey Mouse charms, but on Tuesday it’ll be time to go dark and gothic with some old school Maleficent charms. It’s hard to find an occasion that such a charm collection won’t be appropriate for.

Also worthy of note is the actual monetary value of such charms – particularly if you insist on sterling silver, but even ordinary Disney memorabilia acquires value to collectors over time. If your daughter should one day pass them on to a child of their own, the value will only grow.

Fun, personality, collectible value, and memories that will last a lifetime – whether your daughter is the type for Frog Princess charms or Mickey Mouse charms, collectable Disney jewellery is something you can’t go wrong with.

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