Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Figures

Cute Mickey Figures To Adorn Your Room With

Are you simply addicted to Disney character figures? Do you have a part of your room dedicated to them? Well, collecting Disney figures is fun and they are an amazing way to make your room look beautiful. The Disney figures will add various hues to your room dcor and also give you the happy feeling. So, collecting Disney figures has a lot of upsides. The most popular Disney figure is Mickey Mouse figures and they come in a wide variety of forms and shapes. Do you want to know about some of the best Mickey figures that you can collect? Read on.

One of the most popular Mickey Mouse clubhouse figures is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s Figure and Car Pack. The figure has Mickey dressed in his classic outfit and there is a red car into which you can fit your Mickey and it looks really cute. There is also the Mickey Mouse clubhouse Mickey Figure set. With this Mickey figure, you will get 3 inch tall Mickey along with his friend from the clubhouse. This figure is just the thing you need for Mouse doer adventure and it can be used with the Mickey Mouse clubhouse playset.

The Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Pluto Dog house and Talkin Bobbin Mickey are some of the best Mickey Mouse clubhouse figures. Here Pluto and his home come free with the best mouse in the world! Whats more is that Mickey and Pluto are able to talk and move around. If you want Mickey along with the other famous Disney characters you can purchase the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 6 Figure Set PVC Play set. Along with Mickey, you will get Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto in the set.

Mickey magic Choo-Choo train set figure ranks high in the list of Mickey Mouse clubhouse figures. The train lays its own track, just like in the show and it is definitely a lot of fun. When a button is pressed, the train lays it tracks and starts rolling with the tune. You can also take a look at Mickey Mouse with Elephant and Mickey Mouse with Dog figures. So, its time to collect Mickey figures and have fun.

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