Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playset

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playset Is The Ideal Gift For Your Niece

It is your three year old nieces birthday next week and you are completely lost about what gift to get her. Well, this is quite a common problem. You know what to gift your friends and parents on their special days but picking up the perfect gifts for little kids can be quite tasking. A gift for your little niece should be something that she can have fun with. It will also be great if the gift helps your niece learn something. You will also have to make sure that the gift you get her is safe. So, do you want to know what to gift your niece? Read on.

The ideal gift for your nieces birthday is a Mickey Mouse clubhouse playset. The playset is an amazing idea and it will help the kid learn a few things while playing. The Mickey Mouse clubhouse playset has a spinning wheel which will help your niece to learn numbers, colors and animals. The entire set comes with two figures and a lot of decorative accessories and stickers. The set has sound features and is light. Therefore you can be rest assured that it is completely safe for kids.

Another great gift idea is the Mickey Mouse clubhouse mini playset. This playset comes with the shape of Mickeys head and two figures. In this set you will get a Mickey helping hand and a Minnie helping hand. One of Mickeys ears in made with soft material and when the ear is squeezed a sound comes out. Mickeys second ear acts as a dice and the kids can play an easy board game with it. This board game helps kids to learn numbers, shapes and colors, and is slightly cheaper to purchase than the Mickey Mouse clubhouse playset.

The Mickey Mouse clubhouse campervan playset will also be a great gift for your niece. With the camper van set, kids can join Mickey on his adventures. In the campervan there is a bedroom, a kitchen and a couple of bunk beds. Along with a Mickey figure this set has a Pluto figure. The set has a picnic area, an observation desk, a telescope, a raft, a table and two chairs. Which ever Mickey Mouse clubhouse playset you decide on, your niece will be thrilled with your gift.

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