Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy

Toys To Fill Up Your Daughters Room With

Choosing the right toys while doing up your four year old daughters room can be a pretty tough task! There are several things that you will have to keep in mind while picking the right toys for her. The toys need to be fun, and you have to make sure that your daughter finds them interesting and loves to play with them. What makes choosing toys for kids all the more difficult is kids grow bored with the same toy easily. Therefore, the toys you choose must be unique, attractive and safe. It will also be great if you can choose toys that help your daughter learn something.

I can offer a good tip here: add a Mickey Mouse clubhouse toy to your daughters room. There are so many to chose from that there is bound to be something she will love.

You could get the Mickey Mouse Recital Mega blocks from the clubhouse collection. This toy contains 29 blocks and is great for kids for 4 years and above. The Mega blocks come with multiple building possibilities and are perfect for active, little hands. It will boost the confidence of your daughter and build strong reflexes. It will also polish her motor skills. The Recital Mega blocks will help your kid to distinguish between shapes and colors and will also stimulate her creativity. It will make her a great storyteller.

Another Mickey Mouse clubhouse toy that your daughter will simple adore is the Mickeys Surprise Clubhouse deluxe play set. This set contains three Mickey figures and it will bring Mickeys world right into your daughters life. The surprise and fun filled clubhouse has pop-up play pieces, fun sounds and phrases. There is also the Hot Dog Song. The best thing about this set is it is interactive and your kid will never get bored of playing with it.

Mickey with Dog is a very popular Mickey Mouse clubhouse toy. It has a colorful Mickey figure with his brown and yellow dog. There is also the Mickey Mouse Toodle-Ears toy. This toy is all about interactive fun. Music can be played in three different ways with this toy and you will love to watch your little princess shake a leg to the music. In fact Mickey will give your daughter the instructions to help her dance! There are hundreds of other toys and you will be able to pick up some great stuff for your daughters room.


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