Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Train

What Makes The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Train So Popular?

Do you have a toddler at home? In case you do you would know what a Mickey Mouse clubhouse Train is. This is one of the most popular shows for toddlers that are on air currently. In fact the time slot that has been allotted to this show is quite the prime time for the kids shows timings. Disney has always been known for making the most successful kids shows. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of them. The concept of the show is built on the concept of a clubhouse of which Mickey and his members are a part. Together they have lots of fun, help people out, learn lessons in life and at the same time learn book stuff in a complete entertaining way.

The Mickey Mouse clubhouse train is from this show itself. This is the colorful train used by the club members to transport goods when needed. The train has appeared in a number of episodes. In fact the train makes an appearance in the opening sequence of the show. The club members are seen to always be having a ball on the train. Needless to say, the amount of popularity that the train inspires is quite huge.

However the popularity of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse train increased particularly after the special episode, where the train had a special role to play. This was a Christmas special episode, where Santa could not get his gifts delivered as Rudolf was unavailable. The club mates actually took the initiative to deliver the gifts through the frozen lands on the train. Now imagine, what else could cheer the children up, on a typically white Christmas more than a colorful train which delivers gifts? Needless to say, the train received instant popularity and Disney started making toy trains resembling the train.

The train in fact stands for not just the fun times that Mickey and his friends have together. The train has made a lot of good deeds possible as well. In fact the train is one of the most popular toys made for children. They are dominantly made of plastic, and they are of bright shapes and colors. Since there are no small pieces that come with the train they are safe for children below five as well. The train runs on the traditional axle gear, which make it quite a cute toy. This is an ideal gift for children of all ages. So if you are thinking of going to a childrens birthday party, here is a great gift.


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