Mickey Mouse Collectible

An Introduction to Mickey Mouse Collectible Items

If youre searching for a Mickey Mouse collectible item, you will find that some are almost as old as Mickey Mouse himself! This cute mouse has been entertaining the world since 1928. Hes come a long way over the years: Steamboat Willie Mickey, Fantasia Mickey, Vintage Mickey, and, Modern Mickey. As many variations as hes been through over the years, he has, and always will be, the same ole Mouse that the world has fallen in love with. Hes also the very first cartoon character to have received a Hollywood star!

You can find vintage Mickey Mouse collectible items for yourself, and modern ones for your kids. If you want to buy a collectible as a gift, make sure its age appropriate. Children prefer items such as toys, DVDs, comic books, and dolls. For an adult, find a collectible that is within his/her age range. For instance, a Mickey Mouse-dressed-as-Elvis figurine would make a great gift for a woman who loved Elvis when she was younger.

For the sports fan, you can find plenty of figurines of Mickey dressed in a team uniform. Just about every team has put these out over the years. For jewelry collectors, there are tons of vintage and modern Mickey Mouse watches for men and women both. These watches are really cute, and often feature Mickey pointing at the time with his little arms. From the original Mickey watch in 1933 to modern LED watches, there are plenty of collectibles to choose from!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse collectibles are a good choice for children. These toys include not just Mickey, but Goofy, Pluto, Minnie, and all of the other classic Disney characters. There are toys that both boys and girls love: tents, playhouses, figurines, popup playsets, CD players, etc.

Another popular category for Mickey Mouse collectible items is holiday ornaments. For Christmas, there are ball ornaments featuring Mickeys smiling face, hanging figurines, wreaths shaped as Mickey, etc. There are cute vampire Mickey decorations for Halloween. For Easter, there are plenty of Mickey baskets, which contain various toys and collectibles.

DVDs and CDs are collectibles that the entire family can enjoy! Walt Disney Treasure DVDs contain all of the classic Mickey cartoons, such as Steamboat Willie and Mickeys Follies. Newer stories feature Mickey and his friends in various adventures, such as Wonderland and Star Lake.Little kids really love Mickey Mouse collectible CDs. Let your children sing along with Mickey and pals to songs such as “Mickeys Countdown” and “Mousercise”.

Here are some additional Mickey Mouse collectibles:


Snow globes

Comic strips

Collection plates


Garden gnomes

Old Disney records

All of these collectibles vary in price, depending on age and condition. If you really want a vintage Mickey Mouse collectible item, make sure you do research to ensure that what youre buying is genuine.

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