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Mickey Mouse Gloves To Keep Your Hands Warm

Are you planning to get some new gloves and mitts for your children? If you are then you can get gloves that serve the purpose and adds to the fun quotient as well. Confused? Well, get them the Mickey Mouse costume gloves. These gloves are a lot of fun and you can be rest assured that your kids will absolutely love them. They come in different designs and you will definitely find the ones that will go well with your kids clothing. Have you ever wondered why Mickey Mouse always wore gloves? Actually, the gloves were a signature style for Mickey Mouse much like they were for pop legend Michael Jackson. The difference is Michael Jackson wore one glove whereas Mickey Mouse wore two of them. Moreover, Mickey Mouse was from the 1920s and during those times almost everyone wore gloves. Therefore, gloves have always been an indispensable part of Mickey Mouses costume.

Do you want to know about the wide variety of Mickey Mouse costume gloves that you can choose from? If you have a little daughter at home, you can get the all new Mickey magic gloves for girls. These usually come in a set of 6 and you can be rest assured that your little princess will love wearing them. The set contains 3 pairs of gloves in red and 3 pairs of gloves in blue. These gloves are hand made and are extremely comfortable. You can also get the Mickey Mouse winter gloves, hat and cap set. The gloves in the set are to die for. The gloves in black are the most popular ones. The black gloves have little faces of Mickey printed all over them. The faces are in grey and purple. These are acrylic knitted Mickey gloves and are comfortable. The set is an ideal gift for children.

The Disney Mickey Mouse knit gloves are also extremely popular with the kids. These knit gloves suit the boys more than the girls. Ideal for boys between the ages 4 and 16, the acrylic stretchable knit gloves are really cute. They usually come in a navy blue color. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse brand of products features on top of the popularity list and they have an amazing collection of gloves. Mickeys white dress up gloves is ideal for toddlers. They are 6 inches long and made of toddler friendly material.

As you have seen, your choice of Mickey Mouse costume gloves is not limited to the large white gloves that you may have seen on Mickey Mouse, there are available in all kinds of designs. So, get Mickey Mouse gloves for your kids and watch them have fun wearing them.

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