Mickey Mouse Cot

Ideas on How to Decorate a Mickey Mouse Cot for Your Baby!

Baby cots, or cribs, are ideal for children under four years old. These can be placed in a nursery or taken on a trip. Portable cots are self-inflating. Unfortunately, cots can have a dull appearance. This is why you need to spice things up with Mickey Mouse bedding!

A Mickey Mouse cot would look great in any nursery. A Disney nursery theme is perfect for boys and girls both. Whether you want to introduce your baby to classic “Steamboat Era” Mickey Mouse, vintage Mickey Mouse, or modern Mickey Mouse, you will find numerous sets to choose from. You dont even have to buy a set. If youre feeling creative, you can buy all of the pieces separately: a comfortable or quilt, sheet, headboard bumper, ruffle, etc. For older babies you can a Mickey Mouse cot pillow!

Here are a few tips for choosing Mickey Mouse cot bedding accessories:

Comfort and safety come first. Mickey Mouse bedding is made out of many different materials, including cotton, wool, chinchilla, polyester, velvet, etc. Some babies are allergic to certain materials, so be careful with your choice. Also, the fabric shouldnt be too thick, as it might smother your baby. Its usually the organic fabrics that cause allergic reactions, so you may want to consider synthetic fibers.

What kind of design or pattern would look best in the nursery? How about classic era Mickey Mouse or vintage Mickey Mouse for a sense of old-timey class? Or modern bright Mickey Mouse, surrounded by bright yellow stars? There are also patchwork patterns available on quilts, featuring small Mickey Mouse ears in striped or crisscross patterns.

You should also decide whether you want strictly Mickey Mouse by himself or depicted with his friends. Many bedding designs feature Mickey Mouse with Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, and/or Daisy. For a girls room, Minnie or Daisy would be a great addition to the Mickey Mouse cot.

Some cot bedding is designed for boys, some for girls, and some for either. If you want something specifically for a boy, then you can find bedding featuring Mickey Mouse playing soccer or basketball. Some also depict Mickey Mouse as a fireman or an aviator. As mentioned above, Minnie and Daisy bedding can be used in a girls nursery. The Mickey Mouse starlight theme is also ideal for a girls room.

Durability is another thing to consider especially if you dont like the idea of hand-washing. A lot of bedding cant be machine washed, so the fabric you choose should be able to last a long time without needing cleaned. The quality should be long-lasting. After all, you dont want to buy new Mickey Mouse cot bedding every few weeks.

These ideas will give you some idea of how to decorate your babys cot with a Mickey Mouse theme and turn it into a Mickey Mouse cot!

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