Mickey Mouse Cotton Fabric

Mickey Mouse cotton fabric can be found in plenty of fabric shops. Mickey mouse and his friends being a favourite to most kids has made sure that there is a definite market for them. Kids love it when their clothes or their room decor has Mickey Mouse in them.

These Mickey Mouse cotton fabrics can be used to make all sorts of garments such as jackets, dresses, trousers etc. Any young child would love to wear clothes of their favorite Disney character, and can only add to their fun times. But Mickey Mouse cotton fabric is not limited to clothing, it can be used to make all sorts of other things such as curtains, bags, wall hangings, and bedding. A Mickey Mouse quilt can be a joy to make with children

If you are a first timer and want to make a Mickey Mouse cotton fabric quilt for a child then these are the steps you need to know

Get to know the design or pattern you want on your quilt.

Learn about the properties of the fabric. It is essential to know how the fabric can be washed and cut. Learn about the different ways to cut the fabric to make it into separate blocks than can be stitched together.

Most of the time blocks for Mickey Mouse pattern are available ready in the shops. All you have to do is put them together.

Learn the colours in your design and make sure that it is not overwhelming

Get the size of the mattress for the quilt and set the pattern for such a size. You need to get the layout done.

Decide on the type of border you want. It could be sashayed or mitred or straight sewn borders. You can also do a patterned border.

For the back of the quilt you can use a single cloth piece. For large quilts the back or the lining of the quilt could be made with several large pieces.

A reversible quilt can also be done using a second quilt top.

The actual quilting of the quilt can be done by hand or machine.

Tying the quilt is a method where a thread is looped through the layers and tied on one side. This is also a good way of finishing the quilt.

Finally you can bind the quilt and your Mickey Mouse cotton fabric quilt is ready.

There are various techniques and patterns to making a quilt. Once you know the basics you can learn as you go. There is something really satisfying in making things with your own hand, and the gift is made even more special due to the time and effort spent on it by you.

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