Mickey Mouse Cross Stitch Patterns

A cross stitch of Mickey Mouse could be a very nice gift for a friend or if you want to do something for your kid with your own hands then a cross stitch of their favourite Disney character would be a good present. There are plenty of patterns available online or you could download a particular poster and start working with that. Choosing Mickey Mouse cross stitch patterns with your child could be an enjoyable way to teach them a craft.

Cross stitch is a popular embroidery style that is easily understood, and a pleasure to do, but requires quite a bit of patience. If you are a first timer there are plenty of cross stitch kits available that could help you get started. It would be even better if it is a project done by both the parent and the child, in which case Mickey Mouse cross stitch patterns are a good choice. It can be a way to relax and connect with your child. By making it a joint project both of you could buy the kit online or visit a craft shop together and choose a pattern together. Teaching your child a craft can be a real joy. Watching them try something new and their sense of accomplishment and pride at their finished work can be a real moment of pride for you.

If you too are a novice at cross stitching then you need to first know how to do it.

First trace the chosen Mickey Mouse cross stitch pattern on the material.

Decide on the colors as to which one goes where.

Learn the stitches first before starting on the pattern.

The stitches look like an X-shape.

The stitch goes from the bottom left hole to the right top hole. This goes on till the end of the row and return back from the bottom right hole to the top left hole. At the end the stitches look like a series of X.

Count the stitches so that you do not cross over to an area of different colour thread.

It is a very simple process but as mentioned before, it can be time consuming.

The cross stitch need not be done on a material just for decorative purpose. A Mickey Mouse cross stitch patterns can be done on your dress, bag, jeans and so on. Once you learn the basics of how to do it and feel you are good enough you can try different patterns on your clothes or even you bed sheets. Blankets are a good place to do it, and then your child can go to sleep with Mickey Mouse.

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