Mickey Mouse Diaper Bag

5 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Mickey Mouse Diaper Bag

A Mickey Mouse diaper bag never goes out of style! Even when your baby grows up, you can still save it for your grandbaby. Mickey Mouse is a classic icon that transcends all generations. Hes come a long way over the past century and will undoubtedly change some more in the future. Even if the way he is drawn changes, he is still the same ole Mickey Mouse!

Which version of the Iconic Mouse do you prefer? The original, classic Mickey Mouse, vintage Mickey Mouse, Fantasia Mickey Mouse, or modern Mickey Mouse? Or perhaps you like the simple design of Mickey Mouses outline, with his round head and ears. Whichever one is your favorite, you can be sure that there will be plenty of diaper bags available depicting that version of Mickey Mouse!

Here are a few tips for choosing a Mickey Mouse diaper bag:

1. How large does the bag need to be? How much space do you need? Some bags only hold the essentials, while others are quite roomy. If youre going on vacation, then youll need a large bag. However, bigger is not always better. Dont forget: youll be holding the baby, too! Dont get too large a bag, or youll have trouble carrying it.

2. What kind of bag do you want? Mickey Mouse bags come in a variety of styles: backpack, shoulder, messenger, tote, etc. Dont just consider your own personal taste. Think about what would be more convenient for your baby. If your significant other is going to be carrying the bag around sometimes, then you should choose a neutral Mickey Mouse diaper bag that appeals to both parents.

3. What features do you want? How many compartments? How many pockets? Some bags are highly detailed and come with bottle straps, three or more compartments, tons of pockets, etc. Others are simple and only contain one large compartment with a bottle strap.

4. Consider the pattern or design. Do you want a large image of smiling Mickey Mouse on the sides of the bag? What about Mickey Mouses face and ears outline? If the baby is a girl then you might want to get a bag that features Minnie as well. Some bags feature Mickey Mouse and ALL of his friends: Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, and Minnie.

5. Next is the fabric. Sure, you might want an exotic, expensive fabric, but keep in mind that youll only need to use your Mickey Mouse diaper bag for a few years. So unless you plan on having another baby in the future, or dont mind waiting years and years for your grandbaby to be born, then you should put practicality before anything else. Now, you dont want to settle for anything cheap, either. Choose something that will be durable enough to last for a few years, such as vinyl or quality cotton.

Now you know what to look for in a Mickey Mouse diaper bag! Now you can choose one that will suit you and your baby both!

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