Mickey Mouse Duvet

Is a Mickey Mouse duvet a suitable replacement for regular bedding?

Duvets are very popular in some parts of Europe, and mostly completely unknown in some other areas of the world. If you live someplace where using a duvet for covering your bed isnt traditional, you may want to consider this option as a replacement for the standard set of blankets and sheets which youre probably using. And if youre getting this for your kids, you should definitely give a thought to the option of getting something decorated with a cartoon character they like. Mickey Mouse is particularly popular as a character featured on merchandise, and the variety of Mickey Mouse duvets on the market nowadays is quite great.

Finding the right duvet in terms of visual design shouldnt be hard just keep in mind that due to the basic design of the duvet (split in squares or rectangular shapes), you wont often see one with a single image spread across the whole surface. In most cases, the detail is concentrated in each section of the duvet individually, so most duvets tend to have varied and intricately detailed visual designs (at least if youre shopping in the higher quality range).

A Mickey Mouse duvet can make the perfect cover for your kids bed in all seasons not just during the winter as most people believe. There are some summer designs for this type of bedding and theyre becoming more and more common with less fluff and a finer fabric, they tend to provide a cooling effect instead of the heat-insulating one that a regular duvet offers. This often makes a summer duvet a better bedding option if you ventilate the room frequently.

If you want to ensure the longevity of your Mickey Mouse duvet, the most important characteristic to inspect is the quality of the sewing. Even a small problem in a stitch somewhere can quickly grow and destroy the whole duvet in a matter of weeks (since the whole design is very dependent on those stitches in the first place). If you pay close inspection, youll likely find out that the cheaper a duvet gets, the more frequently you spot problems with misplaced or loose stitches.

Washing a duvet has some special requirements attached to it for some models (mostly depending on the filling), so listen carefully to what the salesperson tells you, and read the brochure youre given with the duvet when buying it. Since they often use features in the manufacturing, youll have to be careful not to shrink the duvet on your first wash.

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