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Open the Floodgates – Those Mickey Mouse Earrings Were Just The Beginning

If you’re a parent, the likelihood is that you have someone in your house who loves Disney characters. Whether it’s a craze for Mickey Mouse earrings or a love of stuffed Tigger dolls, there seems to be an endless supply of Disney-related goods that are both available and greatly desirable. If you’re on the lookout for Disney swag, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Mickey Mouse earrings may have been the beginning of it all, but that doesn’t mean you should discount them or any other Mickey and Minnie goods. There are fanatical collectors out there who are willing to do a lot for some obscure pieces of Mickey and Minnie swag; those Mickey Mouse earrings might just be worth three digits if they’re rare and well-kept.

At the same time, they really ARE just the beginning in terms of the sheer amount of Mickey gear on the market. Even a cursory search online reveals Mickey backpacks, DVDs, pencils, headbands, dolls, puzzles, toy trains, REAL trains, battery-powered children’s vehicles, gasoline-powered adult’s vehicles, laptop computers, binoculars, prototype jetpacks, and OK that last one was probably a lie, but you get the drift. Mickey Mouse earrings seem kind of lost in the glut after a bit of looking.

That said, there is a lot of variance just within the category of ‘Mickey Mouse earrings’. Far from being childish, pink plastic, and inexpensive – there are some genuinely beautiful, and high-class earrings that bear Mickey’s stamp in some way. One favorite is a simple silhouette of Mickey’s head – the classic three circles that make up Mickey’s face and two ears – with dozens of small diamonds on a gold or white gold backdrop. It’s hard to look at that and think even for a moment that just because it’s labeled as a pair of Mickey Mouse earrings, it should be given to anyone other than a lovely lady you’re preparing to woo.

Of course, then you run into the floodgates problem all over again on another level – because there are plenty of adults out there who still adore the Disney they remember from their youth. You may purchase those Mickey Mouse earrings and find that, before long, you’re also buying the remastered Sleeping Beauty and Snow White DVDs and wondering if you’ll ever be able to keep up with Prince Charming.

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