Mickey Mouse Face Mask

Which Disney character does your kid like the most? For most parents the answer to this question is Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is the most loved Disney character and almost everyone loves him. And it is this undying love for Mickey Mouse that has prompted those at Disney to bring Mickey Mouse into our everyday lives with various Mickey Mouse merchandise. These Mickey Mouse items have become extremely popular and it is almost impossible to come across a kid who does not have at least one Mickey Mouse toy in their collection. One of the most popular is the Mickey Mouse face mask, as then your kid can turn into their favorite character almost instantly.

There are many Mickey Mouse face masks available. One such mask is the Fashionable Mickey Mouse mask. Made out of plastic, this mask measures 20.5 cm x 23 cm and comes in bright colors. This mask is a clear winner because of its features like fashionable and fun designs, high quality and friendly design. The price of this mask is also very pocket-friendly so they are extremely popular with kids and parents alike.

You can also explore your creative side and make a Mickey Mouse face mask with your child. For this you will need paper plates, pencils, paints, elastic, and staples or glue. Your first step will be to draw a circle on the paper plate, the size of the circle being about the same size as your kids face. You will also need to add lines marking where the eyeholes will go later. Use these lines and a picture of Mickey Mouse to draw Mickeys nose and ears. Draw Mickeys chin and grin. Make correction in your drawing if needed and then paint Mickey’s face. Once the paint is dry, cut out Mickeys image and make holes for eyes. Meanwhile, cut out two circles from another paper plate for Mickeys ears. Paint them black and allow them to dry. Staple or glue the ears onto Mickeys face, and staple the elastic in line with the eyes. Make one for you and one for each if your children, and then don your Mickey Mouse face mask and have family fun!

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