Mickey Mouse Fleece Blanket

What to Look for in a Mickey Mouse Fleece Blanket

A fleece blanket is quite the versatile thing, as it lets you keep warm while still taking up very little space and being easy to store and carry around on trips, etc. A Mickey Mouse fleece blanket can be the ideal solution for your kids bed covering during the autumn and spring when its still not cold enough for a heavy blanket but a thin one wont do either. The warmth and comfort, combined with the soothing image of Mickey smiling from the blanket, are sure to put any youngster to sleep fast and easy night after night.

Dont be very critical of the quality of visual design fleece blankets arent very easy to produce in general, due to the nature of their fabric; often, manufacturers prefer to go with a less-finely detailed image which can still be recognizable enough, in order to prevent their production costs from jumping into the extremes. On the other hand, this has allowed the artists of some more high-grade design studios to come up with interesting visual designs using as little detail as possible.

A good fleece blanket shouldnt be very thick the material used provides plenty of insulation for its thickness. The blanket should be lightweight as well, and it shouldnt give off many loose hairs something which can be very problematic for kids with allergies, as well as when it comes to wash the Mickey Mouse fleece blanket.

Sometimes the graphic design can be integrated into a small patch of the fleece blanket, for example in a square in one of the corners or something similar. Though certainly not as catchy as the traditional option, this can cost you less and actually feature a finer detail on the image of Mickey. Some designs may also have the graphic stamped on, or sewn into the blanket via another fabric but these options are both far from ideal, as the first is prone to fading away very quickly, while the second one may get ripped off during washing or add unnecessary insulation to the blanket, making it warmer than it ideally should be.

Your fleece blanket can be used as filling for a regular blanket cover as well, but this isnt the traditional way to use it, and it may actually lead to the fabric wearing out more quickly than intended. Make sure you read the information youre given upon your purchase of the fleece blanket and stick to it strictly to ensure its durability.

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