Mickey Mouse Floor Mats

Ardent fans of Mickey Mouse can make him the theme for the decoration of their automobile as well their house. They can do so by using Mickey Mouse floor mats which come with pictures of Mickey and other Disney members on it. These floor mats protect the original floor mats of your automobile and are also easy to clean. You just need to take them out and brush the dust away; its that simple to clean them. Most Mickey Mouse floor mats are spill resistant and non fading, so have a longer life compared to other mats of lower quality. The Mickey Mouse floor mats are available in a universal size of 26″x 16.5″ which fit into almost every automobile ranging from large SUVs to small hatchbacks.

Most Mickey Mouse floor mats are available in two different styles, being vintage style and the normal style. The vintage ones can be a bit more costly than the traditional mats and if you are on a limited budget then you may prefer having the traditional ones. The only difference between the two is that of the Mickey Mouse design patterns. The size of Mickey Mouse on the vintage mats is pretty large in comparison to the traditional ones.

Floor mats with varying thickness and weight are available on the market and you should bear this in mind when you consider buying Mickey Mouse floor mats for your automobile . For instance if you use your automobile regularly then thicker mats will serve you well, whereas thinner mats may be preferred if you use your automobile less often. As far as the material of the mats is concerned, they are often made from Nylon with a sturdy rubber nibbed bottom to prevent slippage.

Floor mats form an essential automobile accessory for people who love their automobiles and prevents the factory fitted mats from wearing out and damage. Moreover they can trap dust and prevent the rain water from damaging the original floor mats. Mickey Mouse floor mats may help motivate your children to sit in the automobile because many children consider Mickey Mouse as a dear friend.. Hence choosing a floor mat with a Mickey Mouse design on it will not only fascinate your children but will also help you protect your automobile from damage.

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