Mickey Mouse Headboard

A Simple Addition With Great Potential

In case your kid loves a cartoon character Mickey Mouse is usually the most common choice among youngsters though there are numerous possibilities in general, of course then youve probably spent a good amount of your time decorating his/her room accordingly. Toys, clothes, even bed sheets the kids room likely screams the name of the character as soon as you enter it. And one of the things you may have missed to consider, is a Mickey Mouse headboard.

Its a very simple addition to the bedrooms interior, yet it can have quite the effect on livening up the place especially if youve picked it to go in style with the rest of the Mickey Mouse merchandise youve been buying so far. The great thing about a headboard is that its very versatile and open to different physical styles you dont have to limit yourself to one that has a simple drawing or engraving of Mickey on it, you can get one entirely shaped after the character!

Of course, these tend to be a bit expensive, especially the more advanced recent models that incorporate various features like laser-cut shapes (with very precise detail) and realistic shading. In the end, how much youll spend on your Mickey Mouse headboard is entirely up to you and a choice that depends on your current budget situation but its never a bad idea to spend a few extra bucks for a higher quality item when youre buying something youll be using for a long time.

The material of your Mickey Mouse headboard is a factor which can not only affect its longevity, but also how well it blends in with the rest of the bedrooms furniture including the bed itself. Wooden headboards are the classic solution, but nothings really stopping you from going for a more contemporary design that utilizes plastic or a metallic alloy. The main point to keep in mind is that the purpose of a headboard is, in part, to isolate the sleepers head from the cold wall and provide a warm buffer space to rest your head upon; a metallic headboard may be cheaper and more common on the market (theyre easier to make), but ultimately it doesnt tend to serve its purpose as well as wooden and plastic alternative designs. There are some solutions that work well though with two sheets of metal isolating a pocket of air inbetween but these can often cost quite a lot without really justifying that extra price.

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