Mickey Mouse Home Decor

Decorating your house with a particular theme has become a popular activity these days. One of the most famous cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse and his whole Disney family, can be used to create a Mickey Mouse home decor theme to be proud of. Depending on your budget you can decorate your whole house to the Mickey Mouse theme, or add Mickey Mouse items to complement your current decor, but add a little but of the Disney sparkle and Mickey Mouse fun. Mickey Mouse home decor can be used from the bathroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between.

Beginning with the kitchen Mickey Mouse cutlery will add an extra dimension to any meal. Mugs and trays of various shapes and sizes styled with Mickey Mouse prints on it are also available. Children particularly like mugs that take the shape of a Mickey, so mothers now will not have to chase their kids to drink their milk. Special wine glasses with prints and photographs of Mickey Mouse can also be used as a part of your Mickey Mouse home decor. Numerous water bottles with designs of Mickey on it can also be purchased, especially for the kids.

Moving away from the kitchen towards your bedroom we may use wall murals of Mickey Mouse, especially in the kids rooms. Beds too can be given a Mickey Mouse theme with Mickey Mouse bedding. Then Mickey Mouse rugs can liven up the floor. The wardrobe and table could have decals of Mickey Mouse pasted onto them.

Then continuing with the Mickey Mouse home decor them into the bathroom. Curtains, blinds and shower curtains can all have the Mickey Mouse image on them, adding color and extra fun to bath times. Then for the kids there are of course Mickey Mouse towels that come in a large range of colors and sizes.

For the rest of the home there is a large range of Mickey Mouse products to complete your Mickey Mouse home decor. To name a few, there are table lamps, ornament boxes and photo frames that all come with images of Mickey Mouse. All these will add a touch of magic to your home. As you can see, there is a great many things that can be done to achieve a Mickey Mouse home decor that you can be proud off without having to decorate your entire house, yet still add the sense of Mickey Mouse fun.


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