Mickey Mouse Iron On Transfers

Iron on transfers are a process whereby a design can be fixed onto such things as clothing or bedding by applying heat to one side of the paper transfer. The design would be a mirror image of what would appear on the cloth. The pattern would have a glue on one side that when heated adheres itself on to the cloth. The iron on transfer can be used to put instant design or patterns on clothing or it can be used to cover darning or even strengthen the weak spots. If you have a child, or are young at heart, then a Mickey Mouse iron on transfer will be the iron on transfer of choice. Plenty of fun can be had using this iron on transfer.

As Mickey Mouse is the favorite of many children, Mickey Mouse iron on transfers can be used by parents to show kids how to do it on their own clothes safely. Remember younger children do need parental or adult supervision.

Mickey Mouse iron on transfers are available in many shops, but if you cant find the one you want, you can purchase iron on transfer paper and print your desired image onto that. Here are the steps on how to do an iron on transfer.

Iron on transfer papers can be found in most craft or art shops.

Choose the pattern you want first or create one yourself and load it onto your computer.

Print the image of the Mickey Mouse onto the iron on transfer paper. Do a trial first to check that it comes on properly.

Place the cloth on which you want the Mickey Mouse on a flat surface and smooth out all the wrinkles on the cloth. Make sure that the surface is heat resistant and wide enough to cover the entire pattern.

Place the iron on transfer paper image side on the cloth. Make sure it is where you want it to be.

If it is a t-shirt place a brown paper as a barrier between the front and back so that the image does not come on both the sides.

Now set the iron to the required temperature and move it over the iron on transfer paper with the right amount of heat and pressure.

Once done wait for the image to cool down and then remove the paper gently. Take care that while washing you turns the dress inside out first.

This iron on transfer image can be used as a base for doing embroidery.

Your Mickey Mouse iron on transfer is ready to show the world

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