Mickey Mouse Kitchenware

Some fun Mickey Mouse kitchenware to add zing to your kitchen

Are you planning to renovate and redo your kitchen? Well, if you are then it will be great if you do up a Mickey Mouse themed kitchen. The minute you hear about this, the first thing that comes to your mind is its for the kids. Well, your kids will definitely love a kitchen with this theme, but you can be rest assured that you will also fall in love with it. The kitchen with an aura of Mickey Mouse will make you feel happy and radiant. And this happiness will be reflected in all spheres of your life. So, for yourself and the kids, its time to go shopping for Mickey Mouse kitchenware.

Here are some Mickey Mouse themed things that you can get for your kitchen. The first thing that you can get is the Mickey Mouse meat/potato/rice mould. The mould is basically the head of Mickey with a handle. The size of the mould is 14.7x9x3.9 cm and it weighs around 90 grams. This mould is suitable for temperatures between -20 degree Celsius and 120 degrees Celsius. The mould comes with a price tag of $25. You can also get the Mickey Mouse meat mould stamper. This is a must have Mickey Mouse kitchenware if you want to add the Mickey touch to your home parties. You can also dress your regular meals with the mould. The mould is heat resistant to 120 degrees Celsius and will cost you something around $22.

You must also purchase the Mickey Mouse sauce container that comes complete with a spoon. The container comes in the sizes of 13ml and 18ml. You can easily put tomato ketchup and mustard sauce in the containers and carry it around. You can use the containers in temperatures between -20 degree Celsius and 120 degrees Celsius. The weight of the container is 70 grams and its cost is $18. If your kids love mixed fruit jellies that you make, having the Mickey Mouse jelly mould/food cup is a must. The big mould measures 6.2 x 5.2 x 2.4 cm and the small ones measure 5.2 x 4.5 x 2.4 cm. The weight of the moulds is around 80 grams. These are made of silicon and you can use them as complement lunch boxes. Purchase the Mickey Mouse spice container, Mickey Mouse bread cutter, Mickey Mouse egg mould and Mickey Mouse multipurpose cutter. Mickey Mouse kitchen timer is a very crucial Mickey Mouse kitchenware.

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