Mickey Mouse Luggage

How to Choose Mickey Mouse Luggage for You and Your Children

Mickey Mouse luggage is available for both children and adults. It comes in different sizes and is made out of a variety of materials. Whether you want a vintage Mickey Mouse suitcase or a modern bag with wheels, you will have plenty of luggage options to choose from. Since Mickey Mouse will never go out of style, you can use your bag for years to come!

Children especially love Disney luggage. There are designer Disney bags as well as handmade bags. No matter your budget, you can afford to get your little boy or girl a good, sturdy bag. Just make sure that the wheels roll easily and that the strap is comfortable. Some even have light-up wheels! For a child, try to find a lightweight bag rather than a hardback bag. Keep all of the breakable materials in your own.

And there are plenty of Mickey Mouse luggage options for adults! Some have hardbacks to protect breakable items. They can withstand being thrown around in the luggage department. You wont have to worry about anything tearing or breaking. If youre traveling by car, you can simply toss it in the trunk without any worries.

Some Mickey Mouse designs are simple. They are nothing more than an outline of his face and ears sewed into the bag. Others are bright and colorful and feature a “pop art design”. You can also find Mickey Mouse luggage sets featuring an ensemble of classic Disney characters: Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and Mickey Mouse himself.

Sets include at least three bags of different sizes. If youre going on a long vacation with your family then a set would be a good option. Some sets also include a tote bag along with two or three roll-ons.

Mickey Mouse alone doesnt make a good suitcase or tote bag. Convenience and ease of use are also important. These days, soft bags are more common than hard-shell bags, although they dont always protect breakable items. If youre going with a soft bag, make sure you wrap the fragile items up carefully and place them in the middle of the bag, where theyll be cushioned by clothes. Whatever you do, dont choose a cheap, flimsy bag. Even if youre not going to be carrying much, a flimsy bag can still tear.

The most important thing to consider when buying Mickey Mouse luggage for a child is comfort. Get your child a bag with rubber spinner wheels that twist easily. This is the easiest type of luggage for a child to handle.

Mickey Mouses iconic image has been around for almost a century, and is still welcome in todays world. Theres no doubt that people will still be carrying Mickey Mouse luggage for decades to come!

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