Mickey Mouse Lunch Bags

Can Mickey Mouse lunch bags have an educative value?

Mickey Mouse is by far the most popular cartoon character ever created. This comes from considering the time aspect, since 1928, and the number of people who have purchased Mickey Mouse figures and accessories carrying the image of Mickey Mouse, such as Mickey Mouse lunch bags. The reasons for his popularity are many, but among them is the educative value implicit in Mickey Mouse’s character and nature.

Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney in an entertaining role, nevertheless, his personality, represented in a huge number of cartoons and movies, generated by popular demand, made him so familiar and credible, especially among the young ones, that it would be wise to use his image to teach values and promote them to the younger generation.

A kid will always repeat a validated action, whether it’s validated in a positive way or in a negative way. If a child does something good and he is positively validated for it, granting power to his actions, he will repeat them. Likewise, if he does something bad and he is validated for it, (negatively by scolding or punishing), granting power to what he did, he may repeat the action. This is based on the principle that one of man’s natural drives is to create an effect. The point here is that good actions can be validated using the image of a character that represents those values. Such is the case with Mickey Mouse.

As an example, simple Mickey Mouse lunch bags can be used to validate a childs good deeds and thus teach him good eating habits and manners (for which he will also be validated). Naturally these stem not only from the household but also from the environment. Nevertheless, the influence of the environment can be overruled by rewards and validations from the family.

So, what is the idea? OK. First, teach the child what Mickey Mouse represents: courage, honesty, kindness, forgiveness, friendship etc. You can freely attribute any virtue you want to teach. Then let him know you are now going to play a game and each time he has shown a virtue, highly validate him and write the name of that virtue on the Mickey Mouse lunch bag. That will put him on a positive track and will establish his own personal values, regardless of any social pressure in the opposite direction.

The best way to teach good values is through admiration and validation of the good thing a child does, in a playful and unserious way. Children have a very high sense of Right and Wrong but they are not serious at all; and the fact that such a popular character exists, which represents some of the most positive virtues and values, can only help reinforce those in children.

Use the trick of the Mickey Mouse lunch bags and you’ll see!

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