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Do you see that your kids bring back the food you pack for them for lunch? Do you worry about their nutrition? Why not try a new lunch box instead of changing the menu for lunch, change the lunch box to a Mickey Mouse lunch box.

Mickey Mouse has continued to entertain people of all ages for over seventy years now. Mickey Mouse is probably the most popular and widely celebrated cartoon character created by Walt Disney. Mickey Mouse has featured on innumerable animated movies, cartoon strips and books ever since he was introduced in 1928. We have seen Mickey Mouse on coffee mugs, pencil boxes, t-shirts, etc and now we also have Mickey Mouse lunch boxes. What easier way to keep kids interested in their meals?

A Mickey Mouse lunch box can come in all forms and patterns. You can choose a metal one for their durability. These are made to look interesting with Mickey Mouse stickers. The most colorful ones are the ones made of plastic. You will find Mickey Mouse with his friends Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck playing, swimming, going to school, biking and enjoying all sorts of activities. It is almost like an entire story painted in pictures on these boxes. A few other lunch boxes are of the shape of Mickey Mouse himself, or just his iconic ears, or even his white gloves.

The Mickey Mouse lunch box is also easy to use. Some have separate compartments if you wish to pack different food items in the same box. They also come with separators with lids. These can be used to create more space within the main lunch box or can also be used separately to carry salad, pickle or sweets. The lunch boxes are made of food grade plastic. They can be used in a microwave for heating food. Also, there are no sharp edges and are absolutely safe even for nursery kids.

These Mickey Mouse lunch boxes are easily available at many stationary outlets or toy stores. You will also get those at any supermarket that have the license to sell Walt Disney products. Alternatively, you can buy these online at reasonable rates.

So, no more filled lunch boxes returned from school. See your child enjoying his meal and get rid of all your worries. You can be sure that these colorful and attractive lunch boxes will definitely keep your childs attention and make their food more enjoyable during his break hours.

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