Mickey Mouse Mascot Costume

A Few Words On Mickey Mouse Mascot Costume

Are you planning to arrange something unique and special for your little ones birthday? Why dont you arrange for a Mickey Mouse mascot visit to make his birthday all the more memorable? Mickey Mouse is the most popular and adorable of all the Disney characters. Thus, every kid would love to have him in his birthday. Just wonder how elated he and his friends would be to find Mickey Mouse greeting them at the birthday party.

So, hire or buy the Mickey Mouse mascot costume and get any of your family members to play the role. Any family member will do as the costumes come in sizes for most adults. In case you want the mascot costume for children you may need to search for sites that will arrange for specialized sizes.

Mickey Mouse mascot costume is available from various websites at various price ranges. You can either buy them or hire the Mickey Mouse mascot costume. The most popular design is the usual Mackey Mouse costume with black tuxedo, yellow bow and the red suit. Then, you have the head upholstery, shoe covers and the white gloves with it. You can also find the costumes in various other designs. Some of them come in bright party dresses with colorful hats. The vision is possible through the eye portion. The eye portion is screened and allows the mascot to see but not being seen. However, sometimes the mascots get the vision from the mouth area too or from both the eye and mouth region. It depends on the mascot costume. Moreover, its good if the head upholstery is made of foam because its more comfortable. The costume should be lightweight and breathable with good vision.

When you are planning to buy a Mickey Mouse mascot costume you need to take into account the cleaning instructions. The fur costumes can be hand washed and only some are suitable for machine wash. Always use mild detergent and cold water with it. Hang it for drying but never use heat on it. The foam costumes should only be hand washed. Some can be sent for dry cleaning, with some manufacturers suggesting the Mickey Mouse mascot costumes are sent for dry cleaning if they are worn several times. Extra care has to be taken with the head cover. Just spray some mild detergent on it and rub with damp sponge. But never immerse or soak it in water. In case of spot cleaning, do it with a clean and damp rag. These are broad outlines for keeping your costume clean – but always check the costumes cleaning instructions. With a little care, your Mickey Mouse mascot costume should bring fun and joy to parties for years to come.

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