Mickey Mouse Mascot

A Mickey Mouse Mascot For Your Kids Birthday

Mickey Mouse is the most adorable of all the Disney characters. The impish mouse commands a huge fan following because of his timeless magical pull. We have grown up watching and enjoying Mickey Mouse’s antics and today you wont find a child who does not relish the unique charisma of the Mickey Mouse.

In fact, Mickey Mouse is a very popular theme for kids birthday parties. There are Mickey Mouse birthday invitation cards, Mickey Mouse gift items etc. Among these the most interesting would be a Mickey Mouse mascot. The original ones are exclusively Disneys property and you will find them greeting and posing with you for photographs in Disneyland. However, these days there are many agencies that come up with Mickey mascot costumes. You can either buy or rent the mascot costumes or hire an entertainer who will himself bring the costume with him. Some of the Mickey Mouse mascots come along with his Minnie Mouse partner, adding some extra fun to the party.

A Mickey Mouse mascot would certainly be a fantastic surprise for your kids birthday, especially for the toddlers. They have an innocent imagination and would actually think that their favorite character has really come to wish them Happy Birthday. It would also be a delight for their friends. Just imagine how their faces would light up whenever they would have their most beloved cartoon character greeting them or posing with them for photographs. The older kids might be harder to convince, but dont worry, Mickey Mouse has an overwhelming charm which surpasses all boundaries of ages and borders.

Instead of hiring a professional entertainer with the Mickey Mouse mascot costume you can consider hiring the costume and convince a friend or family member to play the part. Dont worry, as these costumes come in many sizes and can fit anybody, and it can save you a lot of money. The usual Mickey Mouse mascot costume comes in the iconic black tuxedo, yellow bow and red suit.

In case you are planning to hire a Mickey Mouse mascot, search the internet. There are various agencies that arrange for both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse mascots. However, if you are planning to buy the costumes, take care while cleaning and drying. Its safer to go for a hand wash and never apply heat while drying them.

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