Mickey Mouse Quilt Cover

The Ultimate in Customized Bedding for Your Kids!

A quilt cover is a type of bedding highly popular among those who value detail and craftsmanship in the products they buy to decorate their homes. If youre in the process of picking various things to spice up your kids room, a quilt cover with their favorite cartoon character can bring a true smile to their faces and keep it for a long time. A Mickey Mouse quilt cover, for example, is the perfect option if youre looking for something of this kind, as Mickeys character is still easily recognized by every youngster and an iconic character in animation.

The first thing youll likely notice when shopping for your quilt cover is that they tend to be more expensive than regular bedding items. Even the smaller-sized ones still have a pretty hefty price tag attached in most cases, but this is understandable after all, considering the amount of work that goes into creating such an item. Some companies that produce Mickey Mouse quilt covers even pride themselves on having hand-quilted products in their line-up which, though admittedly impressive, can still set you back significantly.

As a general rule of thumb, the more detailed your Mickey Mouse quilt cover gets, the more its price goes up. This includes aspects like the number of colors used and the respective density for each of them, as well as how much of the actual covers area has been detailed with Mickeys character. Sometimes, going for a model with a smaller version of Mickeys image can drop the price significantly and allow you to fit the purchase into a tight budget.

Quilt products are among the most prone to wearing out over time though, so be very careful in both your initial choice as well as your treatment of it later on. Its a good idea to wash quilt covers separately from other items, especially if its a multi-colored one the chance of bleeding dye on the first wash isnt that high, but if it does happen it can quickly ruin the rest of your clothes.

Last but not least, make absolutely sure youre getting a cover your kids wont be allergic to some kids dont take to wool very well, so have them come with you when youre shopping (if theyre old enough, of course) and let them feel the materials of different quilt covers. A consultation with your doctor with regards to allergies is never a bad idea either.

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