Mickey Mouse Room Decor

How does a kids room differ from the master bedroom of your house? It is the color and brightness of the room that can give it a very appealing touch and make it very special for your child. The room can often be decorated to a theme, and a magical happy them would be a Mickey Mouse room decor theme. Mickey Mouse is a fun loving character with lots of friends that can be included in the decor to add extra sparkle. Along with Mickey Mouse you can add Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and all the other Disney characters your child adores. It can be quite easy and inexpensive to achieve Mickey Mouse room decor in a short period of time, as there are several products that can help you.

There are self-adhesive wall borders, colorful and creative peel-and-stick wall decals and panoramic pre-pasted wall murals for the walls of the room. Believe me, your kids room would turn into a happy place with these Mickey Mouse accessories. Let us see at few of them-

Mickey and Friends Panoramic Wall Mural

Using this as part of your Mickey Mouse room decor package will convert your kids room into a child’s paradise because:

it is very bright and colorful

It can feature all the friends of Mickey Mouse

This mural is very easy to apply. In no time you can convert a simple kids room into a Disney paradise. If you purchase a pre-pasted mural then all you have to do is to brush on water and paste it to the wall. It is really that simple.

Mickey and Friends room decor collection

When combined with murals, they can add the perfect finishing touch to the childs room.

Mickey Mouse peel and stick wall border

Mickey Mouse and friends theme chalkboard

Apart from the walls consider other items in the room such as the table, bed, bedding, wardrobe, chair, and everything else in there. All can be designed keeping in mind the Mickey Mouse room decor. For example you can choose a red colored bed with white and black bedding to complement the red, white and black colors of Mickey Mouse. Or bedding made from top quality woven fabric styled with Mickey Mouse patterns printed on it can be any kids favorite.

To highlight the theme, Mickey Mouse rugs containing pictures of Mickey Mouse can also be added. The room can look even better by the use of curtains with colors to match the existing red, white and black of Mickey Mouse, and help bring the whole Mickey Mouse room decor together.

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