Mickey Mouse Rug

Guidelines for Selecting the Right Mickey Mouse Rug

A Mickey Mouse rug is a great addition to any room. You can add a bit of Disney magic to any room in your house if you choose the right rug. There are countless designs, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Whether you want a simple bathroom rug or a runner rug going down your stairway, you cant go wrong with Mickey!

If youre decorating a childs room, then you should go with bright, bold colors. Choose colorful rugs depicting Mickey and his friends. Childrens rugs are often non-elliptical. They dont have a classic shape. A non-elliptical Mickey Mouse rug looks best in the center of a childs room. Since it will be the focal point, make sure the colors match the rest of the room.

For the bathroom, you can opt for a simple rug. For instance, a rug shaped as Mickeys face and ears will look good on any bathroom floor. There are plenty of square bath rugs as well, if that would be your preference. Some feature Mickey by himself and some feature him with his companions. Just make sure that you choose a bath rug made with skid resistant material.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right Mickey Mouse rug:

Choose a shape: square, oval, round, rectangular; etc. Oval and round rugs look great in kitchens and bathrooms, while square or rectangular rugs look great in living rooms and hallways. Of course, there are also non-elliptical rugs without traditional shapes. These look best in contemporary bedrooms or kids rooms.

Consider the material. Rugs are made out of a variety of materials: vinyl, silk, wool, and synthetic fabrics such as nylon. Some are easier to wash than others. If you dont want to do any hand-washing, make sure you choose a Mickey Mouse rug that can be machine washed.

Decide on the design and colors. For some nostalgia, you could go with a vintage-inspired rug depicting classic Mickey. There are also vintage, round rugs with Mickeys outline. For a contemporary look, go with a colorful and bold rug. Do you want just Mickey himself? Or with his pals and Minnie?

How large do you need the rug to be? As mentioned above, a large rug makes a great focal point in a kids room. For other rooms, however, a large rug might be TOO distracting. You dont want a large rug taking away from other furniture and accents. The rule of thumb when buying an area rug is to leave 18″ of bare floor space around it.

These guidelines will hopefully give you some idea of which Mickey Mouse rug to choose. Whatever you do, dont settle with the cheapest rug you find. Cheap rugs wont last long at all. If you dont want to replace the rug anytime in the near future, be sure to get a good one made out of quality fabric.

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