Mickey Mouse School Bags

Reduce the burden with Mickey Mouse school bags

Gone are the days when kids used to be kids! The present generation does not go to school with two books and one notebook anymore. They need to carry several textbooks, separate notebooks, atlas, drawing books, instrument boxes, lunch boxes, all at the same time. In addition, if they need to go to tutorials or sports after school, there are extra items to carry. The list is endless!

Ever thought how bored your child might feel carrying that huge burden on their shoulders? It seems heavier when the bag looks more like sacks, with the same unattractive color and design. Why not try Mickey Mouse school bags for a change and add some fun and color to your childs look.

Mickey Mouse is probably every childs first superhero. Walt Disneys Mickey Mouse has featured in as many roles as you can think of. Mickey Mouse has played an actor, a baseball player, a student, an astronaut, a chef; he has made friends with Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Donald Duck and has amused all of us for years. Every child will be delighted and excited to add a Mickey Mouse souvenir to his collection.

Mickey Mouse school bags come in all sizes, textures and colors. These bags might be of cotton, or nylon for the lighter weight and durability. The bags are printed in bright colors and some are shaped like Mickey Mouses head. They have many compartments so that you can pack books, pens and lunch boxes separately and in an organized manner. Mickey Mouse school bags also have additional compartments to carry water bottles. The shoulder straps come with good padding, which the student of today will appreciate once their bags are full. Many Mickey Mouse school bags are completely waterproof. A few of these bags also come with a provision of carrying a laptop that might be useful for older children.

Mickey Mouse school bags are easily available at supermarkets and stores that are licensed to sell Disney products. Also, the price range is wide and you will have a lot to choose from. These are also available on online shopping sites.

So when the holidays are coming to a close and thoughts turn to returning to school, get your child a school bag that they will really enjoy and find really useful.

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