Mickey Mouse Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is how we keep a memento of our most precious memories. It is something that we keep so that we can turn back in time and have a look at it and remember those sweet memories. Kids tend to keep scrapbooks for their photos, stickers, stamps or anything that takes their fancy, and it can be an enjoyable hobby for them. To get your kids started in scrapbooking, you may need to theme it to their favorite cartoon character – and who better then Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse scrapbooking will certainly get the attention of many children.

Before you start with your Mickey Mouse scrapbooking, it may be a good idea to plan out your scrapbook. Will it be all about Mickey Mouse, or contain your own mementos with Mickey Mouse in the background, or perhaps both. A good plan at the start may prevent over embellishments. Lets talk about some steps for making your Mickey Mouse scrapbook interesting.

First decide on the number of pages

If you are doing a scrapbook of Mickey Mouse then choose a pattern or a background that would not overwhelm the main character.

For example it could be as simple as drawing a Mickey Mouse ears at the corner of the page or scatter a few around the page interspaced with the pictures.

Stick with a particular pattern such as photo frames. Photo frames work really well as there could be plenty of choice in patterns.

You could even use your photo and stick Mickey on it in such a way that it would look as if he is in there with you.

Mickey Mouse scrapbooking gives you plenty of themes to choose from. You could do Mickey Mouse in space or zoo or as if Mickey Mouse is in your own house.

Another theme could be Mickey Mouse and his friends with Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

If you are using Mickey Mouse as a theme to make a photo album of your own photos then you could use your birthday photos with Mickey Mouse hugging you, or cutting the cake with you, or with Mickey Mouse drawn as a background on the pages.

Today with all the kids being good with computers it is possible to have a digital scrapbook. You could download backgrounds or pictures and posters of Mickey Mouse and create a Mickey Mouse scrapbook to rival your friends.

These are just a few tips. You can do anything you want with your imagination and Mickey Mouse scrapbooking

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