Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain

Liven Up the Bathroom for Your Kids with a Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain!

Raising kids is certainly no easy business, as there are numerous things to accommodate for, and you must always ensure youre providing everything in your abilities to improve the kids lifestyle. Its not rare that children dread taking showers and have to be lured into the bathroom and carefully monitored to ensure they shower properly.

However, many parents simply approach the problem wrong instead of trying to persuade your kid into taking a bath every time, why dont you take some measures to ensure that bathing actually becomes fun for them? A Mickey Mouse shower curtain is one of the easiest yet most productive ways to do that.

Every kid recognizes the iconic character of Mickey, no matter when they were born and installing a shower curtain decorated with your kids favorite character is a surefire way to not just make them willing to take a shower, but actually see them eager to get in the bathroom when their next shower time comes around.

There are some considerations to be made when buying your Mickey Mouse shower curtain though. In general, there are various models available on the market (Disney arent the ones producing them, theyve licensed the trademark to other companies which has resulted in this great variety). From some pretty cheap and low-quality ones, to high-grade shower curtains with finely detailed images of Mickey Mouse custom-painted for the curtain.

Make sure you look at the hanging fixture of your Mickey Mouse shower curtain before buying it not all models use rings to attach to the shower, and if your current shower curtains use a ring design, you should look for the same in your new ones as well.

Needless to say, the height of the curtain is a very important factor as well sadly, there isnt a standard size for this and everyone would require a different length for their particular curtain. Dont overlook this aspect though, as getting it wrong can be quite problematic in either direction if your Mickey Mouse curtain is too short it wont effectively prevent water from splashing around the bathroom, while on the other hand a too long curtain would drag along the ground, picking up dirt and spreading it inside the shower. This can degrade the hygiene of your bathroom severely and is a factor you should never omit.

Last but not least, try to pay the extra few bucks for a high-grade paint on the curtain instead of a cheap dye that will wash off after a few showers. After all, whats the point of buying a nice-looking Mickey Mouse shower curtain for your kids if itll end up looking like a regular one in just a few weeks?

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