Mickey Mouse Sofa

Add Mickey Mouse Magic With A Sofa

Mickey Mouse is one of Walt Disney’s greatest creations. The adorable mouse comes with a universal and timeless appeal and has always managed to entertain us since its creation in 1928. Mickey Mouse has a huge fan following, regardless of age. Today Mickey Mouse is not limited to the T.V. shows only and Disney has come up with plenty of items commemorating our most favorite mouse. One of them is the Mickey Mouse sofa. They are very popular today and one the most desired items of furniture of kids. So, if you are making over your childs room, plan to bring in a nice little Mickey Mouse sofa. Your kid and his friends would love to have their beloved Disney character in the room.

There are plenty of Mickey Mouse sofas available today in various designs and styles. Most of them are two seaters and are suitable for children up to 6 years old. You can also get Mickey Mouse sofa sets. Here you have one, or possibly two single seaters along with a double seater sofa. There is also a little toddler stool accompanying them. The sofa set is good when you have a large kid’s room. It makes room for your child as well as their friends. Then, some of the Mickey Mouse sofas are foldable too. It is highly space saving and functions both as a sofa and a bed. Thus these are a good solution if your kids friends need somewhere for a nap.

The Mickey Mouse sofas can be made of foam, or with sturdy wooden frame with foam packing. They are soft, cozy and durable. There is a zipped cover over it that is easily washable with soap and water. The cover fabric is generally a blend of cotton and poly. They come in very vibrant and bright colors and a perfect piece to light up your toddlers room. A very common design is of Mickey Mouse playing with Minnie Mouse or the entire Disney gang at the backrest. They are usually a colorful combination of blue, orange and red shades. Another popular design comes with a bright red black and yellow combo. They dont carry any Disney pictures and the backrest is outlined as Mickeys head in black. Its more sophisticated and is certainly fit for older kids.

So, if you are planning to get the Mickey sofa, do some research and find the one that fits your needs. There are plenty of websites selling Mickey themed furniture at various rates and designs, so you are bound to find the Mickey Mouse sofa of your dreams.

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