Mickey Mouse Stencil

Now we all know Mickey Mouse, he is one of the most famous characters of Walt Disney and a favourite of most. Mickey Mouse is loved not just by kids but most adults too. A Mickey Mouse stencil can be used to decorate most things that we use in our daily life.

You may be askig what is a Mickey Mouse stencil? A stencil is a form of artwork where we use a thin sheet of paper, metal, cardboard or even plastic with a specific pattern cut out of it. The pattern is then transferred to a surface below it. The stencil can be used repeatedly if necessary. It not only can be used to transfer words on to a surface but can also be used to create designs of art such as flowers, geometric patterns or even your favourite characters. This is a common process used to create banners or wall decorations. So a Mickey Mouse stencil is a stencil used to create Mickey Mouse.

Stencilling is an artwork they can easily learn and do it on their own with supervision. It is very easy to get or make a stencil of Mickey Mouse. It is available in any art or stationary shops or can also be found online.

Self-accomplishment is a concept for the kids to understand and what better way to do it than to use their favourite characters. A simple Mickey Mouse stencil can be used with paper and paint. Simpley place the stencil on the paper, and while holding it still, use your paint brush to paint over the Mickey Mouse stencil. Once the stencil has been removed a picture of Mickey Mouse will remain on the paper. By practising with different colors and stencils, an impressive artwork can be achieved.

Stencilling is not limited to paper as it can be done on many surfaces such as bed sheets or blankets, walls, doors, tables, bags, t-shirts, posters and even Mickey Mouse pumpkin carving can be done. Once you have the stencil of Mickey Mouse lets see how it can be done.

First place the stencil on the surface where the design is to be transferred to firmly and check the alignment.

Fix it with a tape or pins if necessary so that it does not move.

Draw or trace the outline of the pattern on to the surface.

Draw or trace the inside of the pattern next.

Once the outline is transferred to the surface you can remove the stencil.

This can be repeated how many ever times needed.

Now if needed coloring can be done.

Your Mickey Mouse stencil artwork is ready.Now the steps for making a Mickey Mouse pumpkin using a stencil are as follow

Fix the stencil of Mickey Mouse over the pumpkin. The stencil should be made of paper.

Now trace the outline with stick pins.

Remove the paper and cut the pumpkin along the line drawn with the pins.

Mickey Mouse is now ready to grace your Halloween.

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