Mickey Mouse Table Cover

Arranging a Mickey themed birthday party

Are you looking for a Mickey Mouse table cover for your daughters Mickey Mouse themed birthday party? Well, your daughters birthday is very special and the Mickey Mouse themed party, with all the efforts you put in, will definitely make your little princess feel royally special. Here are some things that you will need to make the birthday party just right.

Since you are looking for a Mickey Mouse table cover, let us start with it. For the party you can get a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plastic table cover. It is fun and colorful and you can be rest assured that your daughter and her friends will love it. The rectangular size of this table cover is 137 cm x 259 cm. The table cover is reusable and will look really great on a trestle table. Since you will have to lay out more than one table for the party, you will need quite a few table covers. Along with the Mickey Mouse table cover you can also go in for the Minnie Mouse table covers. After all Minnie cant be far away from Mickey!

If you are willing to spend some extra money instead of getting the Mickey themed table covers for the party, you can get the Mickey and Friends 4 piece patio set. The set include a table, two chairs and an umbrella. The set has tubular steel construction that comes with color coordinated, assembled plastic parts. There is polyester fabric on the canopy and chairs. The tables measures 9.75″L x 19.75″W x 18.25″H and the dimensions of the chair is 14.6″L x 15.3″W x 20.6″H. The height of the chairs is 10.75″ and this ensures that the little kids can seat on them with ease. You will require absolutely no tools to assemble the set and you will need 6-7 such sets for the party. The surfaces of the tables and chairs are washable and you can use them whenever you want to host a Mickey themed party in the future.

For the party you will also require the Mickey Mouse helium balloon bouquet. The bouquet has 5 balloons; 1 jumbo Mickey Mouse head shaped balloon, 2 Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday balloons, 2 pink or red star shaped balloons and 5 ribbons to tie the balloons. You can attach the balloon bouquet you the birthday cake. The star attraction of the party after your daughter will be the Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

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