Mickey Mouse Toddler Bed

Sweet Dreams for Your Child

As long as youre decorating your babys room, you might as well pay special attention to the bed even though you can certainly do a lot for its decoration by picking the right bedding set, the bed itself is a choice you should give enough consideration too. A regular bed will suit your basic needs, sure but if you want to truly raise your kid in style, and youve got a little bit of extra money to spend, you can get something a bit more unusual like a Mickey Mouse toddler bed.

The designs for beds featuring Mickey Mouse are quite varied from simple ideas that just feature Mickey painted on the headboard, to some complicated and intriguing ones that have your kids favorite cartoon character physically modeled in some part of the bead, typically again, the headboard. And what youll pick here depends pretty much on how much youre able to spend on the whole ordeal.

However, remember that a Mickey Mouse toddler bed isnt something youll keep in your house for a long time after a few years your kid will outgrow it and youll need to get a larger one. Were just saying this because you can safely ignore durability aspects at least a little bit when youre buying a Mickey Mouse toddler bed so, for example, if buying one with a Mickey statuette at the edge worries you as you imagine all the repairs youll have to do on that bed, dont treat it so seriously.

The paint job should be inspected a bit more carefully, on the other hand even though you wont be using the bed for that long, a low-quality paint will wear off very fast, and in addition it may leave residue on the bedding set your toddler sleeps in, potentially harming them in the long run. Only go for high-quality paint features and see a list of the paints used in the model youre about to buy.

Make sure the Mickey Mouse toddler bed has the basic features to keep a toddler safe and secure as well bars are often needed in those first few years of a babys life, as well as a high enough headboard for the same purpose – and any proper model should have those features in place.

Ideally, a Mickey Mouse toddler bed should be a bit higher than a regular one, to allow you convenient access to your baby at all times without having to bend over too much as well try to compare the bed to your own height when shopping.

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